Leos in Uranus...in a manner of speaking.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. Who am I?
    (Clue: Must have looked at a lot of tea leaves in the Wardroom Pantry)

    At 16, David left home to join the Royal Navy and ended up on HMS GURKHA but felt he had to keep his interest well hidden when at sea.

    After serving in the Falklands ("I've still got my medal"), David was posted to the Royal Yacht Britannia, where he was a steward for the Queen.

    Boredom made David, then 25, quit the Navy after nine years. He moved to Portsmouth to work in a hotel. "No responsibility, no pressure. No money - but I loved it. Yet there was always this want for something else..."

    What’s his UserName on ‘ere then? I want tonights Six winning numbers.


  2. He said that Taurus people have a strong connection with Uranus.
    He can't prove a thing, I never touched you and if I did it was an accident. 8O :oops: :D :D
  3. We are all clairvoyants, after a good run ashore when the jossman calls you to his office you know that you are in the sh1t. :p
  4. Excellent career move. Well done you!

    Calls from BT/eircom landlines cost: Astrology 75p per min (UK) €1.25 per min (ROI), Live Services £1.50 per min (UK) €2.40 per min (ROI). Other landline operators may vary. Calls from mobiles will be higher. Lines open from 7am-2am daily. Calls made outside of these times will be charged. Text cost £1.50 per message plus std network rate and may take up to 2 messages. Callers must be 18 or over. For entertainment purposes only. PhonePayPlus and RegTel regulated. All calls are recorded. SP(UK) & IP(UK & ROI) Pronto Media, PO Box 266, Chipping Norton, OX7 9DJ. Customer services UK 0800 140 9049/ ROI 1800 812 844. SP(ROI) Eckoh UK Ltd, PO Box 206, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 9FT. Customer services 0818 205 350.

    The Psychic (ex)Stewards Hot lines:-

    Psychic: 0906 344 9397 (£1.50 per min)
    Medium: 0906 344 9398 (£1.50 per min)
    Tarot To find out what the cards have in store for you call:
    0906 344 9601 (£1.50 per min)
    For your own Star Sign 75p per min
    (Reaching for my mobile even as I type…..)
  5. Yes but next time ashore, ........well you never see it coming 8O :D
  6. Looking for l-u-r-v.......?? See who your perfect
    soulmate should be. Put your Star sign in, scroll
    down to see what Star sign you are most compatible
    with...and check to see if the column headed:
    *Astrological Hell* does not - repeat - not match
    up with your other half's/significant others Star

    Guess what mine said.

  7. These people are practical and persevering. Taureans are solid and reliable, regular in habits. They are most suited to a practical career that brings with it a few surprises and plenty of money.

    Yeah right 24years in the Andrew, more jobs than the labour exchange and then working for the Friggin NHS, he got that real right. 8O 8O :D :cry:

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