Lennox Herald: "Faslane Base Vision On Target"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Nothing to do with Tony Hart then.
  2. Build what you like there, you still can''t polish a turd IMHO.
  3. But you can sprinkle glitter on it!!!! :tp:

    Bit like Corby!!! ^^
  4. oh joy...the lads cant wait to share their single cabins....

    nice one
  5. is his name really Jack Tarr?
  6. the move to faslane is one of the most depressing things (in a long line of depressing things) the RN is implementing
  7. Yes, it actually is. He used to be at Collingwood a couple of years back. A nice guy as it goes, IMHO.
  8. How do you think C******** Gp felt being relocated to there from Arbers and renamed in the process?
  9. heard more dits that there "move" is going to be quietly put on hold....

    hope so
  10. Spent 6 months there after breaking two fingers, begged to be sent to Guzz for rehab, but the buggers kept me in that forlorn corner of the worlds anus, over 16 hours of each week end spent on a train to get home,.... mind you it did have it's upside, I did get to launch a couple of WREN's into woman hood ;)

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