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Discussion in 'RFA' started by jannerpig88, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. how long do you do per trip , is there a set amount of time away before you get leave????
  2. Why ? and i arnt taking the piss,
  3. my son is thinking of joining and we just wanted to know
  4. In my days 70/80s the Rfa`s followed the fleet around the globe and repleneshed them with stores and fuel,if its the same today then i reckon he can count on sea time with time away,
  5. How long is a piece of string?
  6. If you want to find out a lot of good information on the RFA the take a look at this website and forum. Toys Out Of The Pram

    I believe the average deployment for RFA personnel is about 4 months, followed by about 60+ days leave.
  9. The normal trip is 4 month, about 117 days and followed by 70 days leave, if a rating its a bit more as a PO or Occifer. but all leave will be equal next year. this equates to 137 days for every 365. If the ship is abroad as they often are for a year or two then you fly out and back after 4 months. if you cant get relieved on time it an extra 15% pay in your pocket. you can stay longer if you're mad, many do 6 months for tax reasons.
  11. From this thread... length of tours and frequency "Tour lengths are 4 months, and then after that stint onboard you would get 72 days leave (all paid). You would work on a ship - the ship could be anywhere around the UK or abroad depending on what its tasking is.."
  12. nice one boys, cheers for that , clears up a few question i can,t answer , he is thinking of being a cook!!! , not bad job and gets you around the globe, just i not that sure of how the RFA operate but looks like a good crack , work hard, play hard type thing!!!! cheers all
  13. From my experiance of socialising with the RFA chap's has long has they want.
  15. The problem is that a lot of the people looking at joining the RFA think the official website, as part of the RN careers website, doesn't give them enough information.

    The RFA, like us, have an 'unofficial' website and forum, which is full of useful and relevant up to date information. Pay particular attention to the words of advice 'Junior' gives as he was, until very recently I believe, one of the recruitment team.
  16. are the point class ro-ro RFA manned ? bit off topic i know ,just wondered!!!
  17. Jannerpig, the overwhelming majority of people using this website will not have the first idea about the RFA; just taking a look at the number of threads on the RFA part of the forum should itself be a clue. I've already pointed you to 'toys out of the pram' which is dedicated to the RFA. Ask your questions there as that's where you will get answers from people who actually know.
  18. Just to help you out. I left the RFA in Jan 2008 so think my knowledge is fairly up to date!

    Trip lengths are 4 months! You can sign on for more but it has to be approved by your appointer, but they have a leave plot and dont like it being upset!

    The point class ships are not manned by the RFA! They make up the Strategic Sealift Service, they are merchant navy and run by a commercial company (Foreland Shipping - part of AWSR) all company employees as part of their contract have to join the RNR as a sponsored reservist.

    All new joiners to the RFA now also have to sign up as sponsored reservist!

    Hope this helps
  19. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Jimmy Green, for a section of the forum that is little used (your insinuation) it has been busy today. As for the 'vast majority', I have no figures but neither do you. There are RN and RM and their Reserves serving in several RFAs, loads of RFA (though not as many as RN) in Leach Building and Abbey Wood so there is a conduit for an exchange of information that can find its way to Rum Ration. And there are a few RR members current or recent in the RFA, FS and jtk for instance.

    The RFA forum is fairly new, give it a chance.

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