Length of time between AFCO and AIB

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by AngryMonkey, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, looking to join up as a Warfare Officer as soon as and have just had my AFCO presentation and filled out the initial fluff but was some what gutted to be told that it can take from 4-12 months just to get AIB. Has anyone managed to get in any earlier and if so any tips?
  2. Hey

    I started everything back in March. Completed my RT, sift and medical by May and my AIB is on the 1st Sep. However, that was offered to me as a cancellation. I was originally told I could be waiting until October/November.

    Once all your forms have been sent down to AIB and you recive the letter saying your app is being processed I would drop them an email and ask for an idea of when your AIB will be. I did this and then within a week was offered a cancellation.
  3. Cheers for that. Nice to know there's some hope as I turn 25 at the end of October and was worrying that if it takes a year I'd be too old for warfare. What position are you going for?
  4. Wish I'd gone to the same AFCO as you BBB! I started my application in January and it's taken forever; haven't even got my AIB date through yet. So basically, it can take longer in different places (or so it seems). Oh yeah, I'm 25 in October too so glad that there are some older people applying too :)
  5. I started the process for warefare officer in feb this year. Passed everything 1st time round which certainly helped, and I put in a covering letter requesting an AIB at ASAP due to my age. Had it within 3 weeks of sending the letter. I turn 26 in sept so only just make the cut off. I start BRNC on my 26 birthday.
  6. Norther which AFCO did you go through? It seems as if there's a kind of postcode lottery as to whether or not you get a recruiting officer who gives a toss. Mine seemed pretty keen so hopefully thats a good sign. How long did the RT,PJFT,SIFT and medical all take to get through?
  7. Mine was keen too and commented on my age and wanting to get the ball rolling. Didn't have to do a PJFT and everything has happened pretty smoothly, apart from them mucking up my medical which put everything on hold, but only for 3 weeks...guess it's not much out of nearly a year which is how long it seems mine is going to take. It just seems to take a long time waiting for a date for the next step and then the gap between receiving the letter and doing it.
  8. The medical's the main thing that could sandbag me as I'm quite shortsighted, I know its good enough for the army but the navy don't seem to say what perscriptions they accept and I'll be absolutly gutted if I get that far and then get binned. Cheers for any and all replies.
  9. "]Current Visual Acuity Standards

    Standard I (VA1)
    Visual acuity to be achieved without correcting lenses Right 6/12N5, Left 6/12N5

    Visual acuity to be achieved with correcting lenses Right 6/6N5, Left 6/6N5

    Refraction limit:
    Total hypermetropia +3.00 sphere
    Astigmatism +1.25 cyl
    Myopia (in any meridian) -0.75 sphere or cyl +3.00 sphere

    Standard 2 (VA2)

    Visual acuity to be achieved without correcting lenses Right 6/60, Left <6/60.

    Visual acuity to be achieved with correcting lenses Right 6/6N5, Left 6/9N5

    Refraction limit
    Spectacle correction (in any meridian)
    +6.00 sphere sphere or cyl

    Standard 3 (VA3)

    Visual acuity to be achieved without correcting lenses Right 6/60, Left <6/60

    Visual acuity to be achieved with correcting lenses EITHER Right 6/6N5, Left 6/24N10 OR Right 6/9N5, Left 6/18N10 OR Right 6/12N5, 6/12N10.

    Refraction limit
    Spectacle correction (in any meridian)
    +/- 6.00 sphere or cyl

    Below VA3, unacceptable for Naval service.

    [align=right]Optician Report (CHG31 dated 04/01/2008)[/align]

    Edited to reflect ammended VA2 standards incorporated 18 July 08[/quote]

    Hope this helps


  10. I'm applying for Warfare too. My ACLO has been fantastic and especially helpful. Couldn't do enough for me and always available to take phonecalls if I need him urgentley. I too think the speed of the process depends a lot on how your ACLO goes about things. I was lucky.

    All you can do is a bit of chasing once your AIB app has been sent. I'd do what Norther did as well and push your concerns about your age.

    Best Wishes with everything anyways and let us know if you hear anything anytime soon :)
  11. Cheers everyone, good to know I just about scrape within the second level for my useless eyes. I'll just have to find the fine balance between stalking my ACLO and getting him to push me through ASAP. If I don't come whinging to you for any more advice BBB best of luck for your AIB let me know how you do.
  12. Thankyou :) I'll be more than happy to help out whether i'm successful at AIB or not. I'll be sure to let you know what happened/how it went!
  13. I went through Leeds. The Lt. who was my liaison served the north, not just Leeds. He was a top feller and really on the ball.

    From first approach, the presentation took about 6 weeks, the RT 6 weeks after that, SIFT about 6 weeks after that, no PJFT required, then medical about 1 month later, with Pre brief and AIB 1 month after that.

    From what I've gathered, my case was rushed through and I was very lucky. If you show enthusiasm and request short notice appointments it can only help. Just be prepared for them to drop an AIB on you with 2 weeks notice. One lad on my board got told on a Friday to report to HMS Sultan the following Sunday afternoon.
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Get used to it - it's an occupational hazard in the RN..! Good luck, anyway.

  15. Cheers for that Norther, 6 months doesn't sound too bad though I'd love to get into the Jan 2010 intake that might just be a tad opitimistic. Wouldn't mind being slapped with a short notice AIB as its only my naval knowledge that I feel could let me down. I'll just have to keep swotting up on the MOD handbook.
  16. September 2010 is more likely.
  17. Have just got the date for my RT, 21st September a month from my AFCO meeting so not too bad. Hopefully if that goes well can try and blag a hurry on
  18. Cheers for that Soliel
  19. Passed my RT for warfare officer. You do four sets of 30 questions based on numeracy, language and mechanics. For warfare you need 20/30 for language and 18/30 for numeracy luckily mechanics doesn't count as I buggered it! Had an e-mail the next day giving me a time and date for my medical in 3 weeks time so going pretty well.

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