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It has often been said that RNR RR is nothing but a drip centre, and my x DO says I am an expert. It also has been said that Jack aint happy unless he is dripping.
Have you done more than a dog watch?
I am 29 years in and still here, dripping.


Lantern Swinger
Same here, been in for 24 and as broadside's said, I've loved it (mostly) , but its becoming what is being referred to in another thread a second job, and if i'd wanted one of those 24 years ago, id've got myself a paper round!
And yes guys, even knowing what I know now, i'd still do it all again.
I've enjoyed the courses, the depolyments, the people, shit, I even enjoyed the mobilisation.
I'll never leave i've been manking like an old tart for years now, and i'm still here with no sign of it stopping. The only thing that'll get me out is the mrs, who after 24 years of supporting me and what I do, is finding the extra work a tad annoying, with comments like 'are they paying you extra for doing this at home?' becoming more and more part of her daily vocabulary.
I'll just keep plugging away, until she's had enough at least or until I feel that i've got nothing left to offer.


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On paper, I did nearly 22 years from 1 July 1985 to May 2007 when I returned my ID card. This does not take into account the period before engaging from Oct 1984 when I was New Entry, however, the last 12 months of my time were Leave of Absence due to my migration to parts left-pondian.
But a mere sprog at 16 years....enjoyed every minute and would do it again...mobilising for the second time January and cant wait...!!

Clearly 16 years has resulted in deep routed insanity!! :thumright:

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