Length of Service

Hi, i'm new to this and basically just was interested in what the length of service was for the RMR? What i mean by length of service is whether you join for a minimum of 3 years or whether you can leave if your situation changes etc?? I'm a 2nd year uni student and am interested in joining the RMR. Many thanks for your help.
Hi mate and welcome aboard. You will initially sign up for four years.

I am not 100% on how binding this is actually is and there are always ways out, however I guess most people leave well before they get the lid, do continuation training and go onto to do an SQ. If you make it that far which could take over two years why you would then want to get out would astound me.

I just found this on the RN site:

'Premature Termination of RMR Service
Unless you are in permanent service or Full Time Reserve Service under Section 24 of the Reserve Forces Act 1996, or an order is in force authorising the call out of the reserves in the circumstances described above, you are entitled to ask to be discharged before the end of the period for which you enlisted or re-engaged. You will also be required to give one month's notice in writing and return clothing and other public property issued to you in good order or pay for the deficiencies.'

That is the long way of saying four years with entiltment to leave with permission.

Where is your local detachment?


My local Unit would be london RMR in bermondsey. No its not a case of wanting to leave i'm sure if i joined and eventually got my green beret that i would more than happy to stay for the duration if not extend the contract, just was wanting to find out about it!! At least now if i decide its really something that i want to do, i know the finer points of everything. Just one other thing what is 'SQ' ?? Thanks again for your replies and help, its much appreciated.
I guess I was trying to say that after going through all that there is no way you would want to leave :wink:

SQ = Specialist Qualification. For example RMR Bristol's main SQ is Heavy Weapons, there are loads of them.

I will be at Bermondsey tonight mate, the next presentation evening is on the 4th April. Get down there to see what's what.

All the best mate,

Thanks very much Beowulf, yes i will definitely try and make the presentation evening on the 4th of April. Its much appreciated for your help in answering my question. Thank you.