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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mattb999, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Dear All,

    Firstly, I would like to say thanks for all the information on this forum and it has helped me to no end when I need the answers to those burning questions.

    I am currently applying to be an Officer(Pilot) in the FAA and collating as much information as possible and the search tool on this forum is a gold mine of information. However, one question I cannot find the answer to relates to the procedure for the Aircrew medical held after the AIB.

    Does the examiner measure the length of your limbs i.e. arms and legs (rather than any other limbs worth measuring...)? I have heard the RAF do this but unsure if this is the case with the FAA?

    Does anyone have any experience of this and has anyone ever been turned down for having arms that are too short/legs too long?

    Appreciate your thoughts... Thanks in anticipation.
  2. IIRC the RN measure differently in that the don't just base it on one set of measurements like the RAF - basically at OASC if you don't fall into the sets of measurements they have derived you can't join full stop, even though you will quite happily fit in a Merlin for example.
    If I remember rightly, the Navy measure you then if you are too tall for Harrier, you will only be allowed to go Rotary, whereas the RAF look into this further on in your career.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it as you will find it difficult to accurately measure you buttock to knee length, seated height, standing height and functional reach! If you want the measurements I can post them here for you but they are the RAF ones.
  3. Hi there.

    I did my medical for pilot in December (start BRNC on Monday btw!).

    they didn't measure limbs, however they did do a reach test with my left arm. You sit on a chair with back against a wall, and reach forward and push a ruler thing forwards as far as possible with finger tips. It was written down and i heard nothing of it since!

    Mind me asking why this is an issue, oh and prepare yourself to have the piss taken out of you royally more than likely for asking this type of question, all harmless, but people on here seem to think they're funny...
  4. Probably because your arms were long enough :p (Good luck for Mon btw)

    [qute="natg"]Mind me asking why this is an issue, oh and prepare yourself to have the piss taken out of you royally more than likely for asking this type of question, all harmless, but people on here seem to think they're funny...[/quote]

    Probably because they have images of wannabe WAFUs at home measuring their buttock to knee length with much difficulty.....

    The medical is something you have no influence over - you are the right build or you aren't.
  5. Hello,

    Thanks for the quick replies...!!

    Spooked - thanks for clearing that up and you are completely right I have no control over the issue of my medical (apart from looking after my eyes/ears etc) and that is the scariest thing. It is just ridiculous that it is right at the end of this long/gruelling assessment process.

    Natg - well done, congratulations and good luck!! I bet you're really looking forward to Monday!! I am just curious about the arm thing really as I have heard that the medical is up close and personal but just wanted to know how far they go...(think I might get the piss taken out of me for that as well...oh well!!!)Once again well done - you will have to keep us posted!!
  6. Don't even get Ninja started on this!!!
  7. Quick reply from me due to me being seriously bored at work in my last week! So far a grand total of no work done!

    Thanks very much, i will try to keep people posted if i survive!!

    So what stage u at in the application process, if you want any pointers, give me a pm.
  8. I am also bored at work however do not have the excuse of starting BRNC on Monday although I wish I did!!! I've still got 10 hours to go though...!!

    The whole medical really does get my goat up, how can they justify putting someone through the process which, all in all, the candidate does have control over how well they do, to then potentially turn round and say oh sorry your left arm is 2.5mm too short - by the way I do not have a complex about my average sized arm!

    Thanks for the offer of your help, I am sure that I will need it in the months to come, I am hoping to have gone through the process passed or failed by the end of the year...optimistic I hear you say?! What was the hardest part of the process for you?
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    If you stretch your arms out, from fingertip to fingertip that is your overall hieght apparantly.

    So the Mod builds/designs planes and helicopters worth millions but doesn't put in a movable seat? The old reach down, pull lever, slide forward, slide backwards?
  10. Looking back, it's hard to say really. It's all challenging but in different ways. I mean parts of the AIB were definitely the hardest, as your using your brain in ways you might not have done before (me anyway, having not been part of any extra curricular activities other than sport). However the AIB was also the bit i can now look back on and say i really enjoyed it, i made some really good friends and am still in touch with them now, had a right laugh for most of it. The FATs are draining, but rewarding (if you pass, i can't really say for if you fail). The hardest part is the waiting around in between FATs and AIB and then waiting for a call from TSO!
    Chill about medical, nothing whatsoever you can do about most of it, infact all of it really, they are thorough but can you blame them?!

    When did u send your forms in?
  11. I guess that would be kind of difficult in a jet cockpit though, with the ejector seat and stuff, those things weigh a tonne
  12. Granted, it would be unwise to make a moveable ejector seat, but in these days of fly by wire, why are the controls not adjustable to accommodate different lengths of reach?
  13. I would say they probably are adjustable to a certain degree, at which points the constraints of the equipment will probably limit you. There must be some amount of coverage, can't assume everyone with have the same length arms can they?!

    I reckon you could lengthen your arms, get some to pull you by your legs and someone else no your arms. Bob's your aunty. Sorted.
  14. I went to AIB and had my aircrew medical last week. The lads don't normally have anything to worry about with the limb measurements, unless you're very tall, it's normally the girls that have issues. I nearly didn't make the torso height and the other girl with me nearly didn't make the arm length. However, they are really nice there and let you have a second measurement if you're not happy with the first. And although they say there's nothing you can do, that's not technically true! Second time I had my torso measured I nearly bust a vein in my neck stretching it to fit the requirements - and it worked!
  15. Thanks Caz,think I might invest in some dumbells to attach to the end of my arms in an attempt to lengthen them by a couple of inches then!! Congratulations by the way!

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