Length of FATS??


Just a quick Q but I can't find the answer anywhere. How long do the FATS go on for? I was under the impression that I would arrive one day, sit the test battery the next and leave that same day. However my date is 15-16th Feb but to arrive on the 14th. Does this seem right? If so, what is the second day all about?



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My invite letter simply says arrive by 1630 on the 8th feb. It says once the tests are complete the next day (after 6 hours) you will be given a debrief by a Navy Officer, and then I assume we will be on our way out...


Hmm I wonder if my careers officer has got a tad confuddled then. He did say I am only the 2nd AC he's dealt with. Looks like it's turn up on the 15th for tests on the 16th, but I guess my letter will confirm that (I never thought of waiting for the letter tbh :oops: ) Cheers CityBoy
You'll turn up on the Monday to sit the tests on the Tuesday. You will leave the same day.

You may finish before Lunch, or you may finish after. Either way, your debrief will be after Lunch but there isn't much hanging around and you will get your results quite quickly.

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