Length of Deployments in Boats.

I am currently reading Volume 2 “The Hunted†of Clay Blair’s “Hitler’s U-Boat Warâ€. Blair is a highly respected historian who has detailed a day to day history of the U-Boat operations. Within this he gives many details including the length of patrols.

Long Range U-Boat (cruisers) completed many patrols to the Indian Ocean of a time length of 180 days. The record appears to be 228 days from sailing from a French Atlantic Port to returning to the same port. During the course of these patrols they would not enter any port but refuel from either another U-boat or a Merchant supply ship. German boats were not noted for their consideration of the crews habitation. All of the patrol from shortly after sailing until a day or two before they returned were conducted in hostile waters controlled by allied surface and air forces.

The Eric’s regularly performed 4 month patrols in the Atlantic and up to 7 month patrols further a-field.

Do you think you/we/us D/E men could have managed such patrols. Bombers have two and now apparently three crews to cope with 2 month patrols how would they manage.

What would the RA’s do?


Brief Bio here http://www.usmm.org/duffyblair.html


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I read a book when I was at school about a U Boat that did 90 days dived on its escape to Argentina after the war. It was one of the new snort fitted boats, CO was Heinz Shaeffer I believe. Stuff that for a game of sailors - conditions must have been horrendous. 8O

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