Legendary Swordsmen.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. 2_deck_dash

    2_deck_dash War Hero

    Ever since seeing the vid of him air-bumming a traffic warden, I have been a big fan of old Silvio's work, but seeing this recent gallery in the Telegraph has really heightened my respect for him:


    What other top trappers can you think of? I'm talking the sort of man who could charm the pants off any woman simply by twiddling his moustache and taking a long drag on a fine Cuban cigar. The sort of chap we can all learn a lesson from.

    George Best springs to mind as does Rod Stewart.

    David Walliams has trapped a few stunners in his time but he is an utter cunt nugget so he can't be included on this prestigious list.

    Obviously photographic evidence of these fellow's work will enhance the enjoyment of this thread for everyone.

    Best's missus:

    Stewart's missus (although I prefer the last one):
  2. white_mafia

    white_mafia Guest




    Three legendary swordsmen. Apparently Flynn was rigged like a welsh pit pony.
  3. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    These two. Both of them liked a drink, both liked women, both had lots of extremely attractive ladies hanging off them. Legends.



    PROPMAN Supporters - GCM

    James Hunt.

    'Breakfast of champions' no greater way to start the day.
  5. seafarer1939

    seafarer1939 New member

    Saw a programme a few years ago about a Yank female sculptor,her expertise was to take a cast in clay,or whatever they use,of lots of famous mens nudgers.
    She then displayed them in bronze in a gallery and jaw dropping? they were it seems.
    Asked about the biggest, she took the reporter over to the one of Jimmy Hendrix,without doubt it was enormous and the biggest she had ever cast or seen.
    Don't know if she sold any but I think she liked her work.
  6. Guzzler

    Guzzler War Hero

    Apparently it went all along the watchtower.

    It's OK - I've called a taxi.
  7. bikerman

    bikerman War Hero

  8. No Piccies, but she said:

    << I think they're funny and cute and cuddly, they look kind of goofy.

    And that reminds me to tell you that I'm casting tits now.>>

  9. BillyNoMates

    BillyNoMates War Hero

  10. NZ_Bootneck

    NZ_Bootneck War Hero

    Larry Grayson liked to chuck it about a bit . 8O

    Any Bootneck. No plums ratings in the Corps, oh no. :wink:

    Any of the British/Irish "Hellraisers of the '60s". Harris, O'Toole, Burton and the already mentioned Reed. All liked (Loved shurely!) a drink and the Birds in equal measure. :lol:
  11. Montigny-La-Palisse

    Montigny-La-Palisse War Hero Moderator

    There can be only one:


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