Legal Aid to the Families of Service Personnel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Time to write to your MP again over another issue where service personnel's families get contemptible treatment.

    EDM 578

    Presented: 13 Dec 07


    [10 signatures as of 13.12.07]

    Davies, David TC
    Binley, Brian
    Bone, Peter
    Cash, William
    Crabb, Stephen
    Davies, Philip
    Evans, Nigel
    Leigh, Edward
    Winterton, Ann
    Winterton, Nicholas

    That this House notes that legal aid has been made readily available to a vast number of people and groups in the United Kingdom; recalls that legal aid has been given to allow for, amongst other things, a schoolgirl's father to sue a headteacher over a school's uniform policy, for a murderer to repeatedly protest his right to have a baby by IFV, and for a terrorist associate to resist extradition and punishment; understands from the Legal Services Commission's website that the Commission helps over two million people a year; expresses surprise and dismay that the families of nine RAF servicemen who were shot down and killed in Iraq in 2005 will not qualify for automatic legal aid to help them work through the legal complexities of the case; further notes that the family of an Australian serviceman killed in the same attack has been granted legal aid by their home country; and therefore calls on the Legal Services Commission to reconsider this case as a matter of urgency and allow these families of British soldiers access to legal aid as soon as possible.

    To locate who your MP is you need to enter your postcode in the link below:

    Avoid using the upmystreet site on the Parliamentary website as its database in currently giving inaccurate results.

    Alternately write to either (1) the Secretary of State for Defence: Rt Hon Des Browne MP as below:

    Rt Hon Des Browne MP
    Secretary of State for Defence
    Ministry of Defence
    Floor 5, Main Building
    London SW1A 2HB

    You should use the salutation: Dear Secretary of State

    or (2) the Minister of State (Armed Forces): Rt Hon Bob Ainsworth MP as below:

    Rt Hon Bob Ainsworth MP
    Minister of State (Armed Forces)
    Ministry of Defence
    Floor 5, Main Building
    London SW1A 2HB

    You should use the salutation: Dear Minister
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