Legal age for buying tobacco will rise to 18

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Richie, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. The Legal age for buying tobacco will rise to Eighteen. Sixteen-year-olds will no longer be able to buy cigarettes under new laws which come into force within days.

    The legal minimum age to buy tobacco will go up from 16 to 18 on October 1 this year.
  2. If governments (in general) were serious about cutting smoking related deaths then all tobacco products would be BANNED.
    Too much money is made however, so while they pay lip service by banning smoking in public enclosed places, the money continues to roll in! :)
  3. Spot on Lamri.

    And how many people aged 16 still trying to buy tobacco products will pass as 18. The local newsagent isn't going to be too bothered either if the customer looks 16 or 18!

    The government would never ban tobacco products totally as they couldn't recover the taxes elsewhere.
  4. If under 16s can already obtain fags, then raising the legal age for buying tobacco won't make a massive amount of difference. If the intention is to reduce the number of people smoking it might be a better idea to massively increase prices and restrict the sale outlets. So stop supermarkets, corner shops, garages, cigarette machines etc from selling the products and only allow licenced tobacconists to sell it instead.

    However, this would really put smoker's (voters) noses out of joint (not that I really care as an ex-smoker), but people will still bring back shed loads of tabs when doing a bit of continental shopping.

    Banning it would not yet be a brilliant idea. They can't stop the influx of currently illegal drugs so to ban a product that's legal in the rest of the world just might not work.

    And then there is the revenue raising issue which has already been mentioned.
  5. I could be wrong but as far as I am aware the legal age for purchasing cigarettes might be 16 but it's not illegal to posess them or smoke them if you're under that age. So raising the age limit of buyers to 18 changes nothing.

    P.S. I've a funny feeling that smoking tobacco is only illegal for 5 yr olds and under, but for a different reason.
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've never been a smoker, but even I know that most smokers find it hard to be able to afford a packet of cigarettes (approximately £5 per packet?), so how the feck will 18-year olds afford it, let alone 16-year olds? How much are parents giving kids as pocket money these days?!

    8O :roll:
  7. SPB, you might want to drive through a few "chav" council estates mate. They might not have nice cars or good clothes on their kids but by damn they can afford fags!
  8. As a better man than me said-pity the law abiding 17yo who`s been smoking for a year now isnt allowed to buy them.
  9. This would put it on the same footing as green tax for short haul flights and others. If the govt was so concerned bout global warming why build more runways. Another easy tax earner

    Like the knob stated we must encourage the children to smoke for these are the customers of tomorrow.
  10. What a total waste of time , nanny state again . tossers
  11. Interesting to see something like this come out on the back of so much talk about the Police being swamped with excessive amounts of rules, regulations and paperwork. Next they'll all be including catching underage smokers in their "crime detected / crime solved" quotas.

    I wonder whether anyone else agrees that the Police have more important things to do, but I prefer to ask whether the government itself doesn't have anything better to do other that review petty legislation and introduce yet another cumbersome law which achieves very little except stretch already thin resources to cover yet another worthless crusade. How long before someone starts playing a fiddle whilst everything starts to burn around them?

    Melodramatic mode off!!!

  12. As a fifteen year old at Ganges we had no difficulty buying cigarettes & once out of training at Ganges ,we got our tobacco issue,Pusser did nothing to discourage us from smoking.
  13. One of my grandsons will be 16 on October 1st - not a happy little bunny when I told him. And I thought I could swear !!!
  14. Where do all the 17years and 11 months 29 day addicts stand on this, they have been official allowed to use tobacco products for nearl two years

    Is it going to be illegal for an over 18 yearold to purchase tobacco for a sixteen year old?

    As I understand it the change is more to catch the retailer with fines than it is to prevent 16s using tobacco (It is easier to tell if a person is over sixteen if they have to be eighteen If you get what I mean)
  15. If smoking is so bad why not ban the sale completely (Oh sorry of course that would affect your country's tax earnings)! Or at least only make tobacco available on prescription to known addicts! But there again we couldn't do that we wouldn'y get any more addicts would we - see my bit in brackets above!

    Cynical - moi?
  16. It doesn't go far enough. Tobacco in all its forms should be banned outright, but as mentioned in previous posts the government makes too much revenue out of sales to allow that.

    I lost my father two years ago to lung cancer, attributed to long years of smoking. Being an ex-matelot all those years of smoking blue liners and Capstan Full strength finally caught up with him and he crossed the bar in 2005. Earlier this year we lost my other half's Dad to the same thing, he smoked for years until he had my other half and her sister. I absolutely abhor smoking.

    But until its banned nothing will stop young people from smoking, many shop keepers will not be able to or care to distinguish between a 16 and an 18 year old and as far as the duty of care of parent goes, well thats a different story.

    I instruct at a local sea cadet unit. On a unit training weekend, I found a young cadet (14 ish) with a packet of 20, which I promptly removed from his grubby little mit and ripped them up. As you can imagine he complained big style and threatened to phone the police, at which point I was curled up on the floor trying to keep my bladder under control. Imagine my suprise then when an hour later I spied the same kid with more fags, now as I know that no-one had been allowed out to the shop, I enquired as to how he had got them. he calmly informed me that he had rung his mother and she had brought him another 40!!!!!!! So you can guess where they went as well.

    The following week his mother is in the unit accusing me of bullying her son!!!!!!!!

    So when she was invited to phone the police and social services and reminded that it was illegal for anyone to purchase cigarettes for persons under 16 she wound her neck in and flounced off.

    So until a government (whichever one gets in) bans the sale of tobacco completly we don't really stand a chance, the NHS will have to deal with the fallout, we will have to pay with our taxes and people will pay with their lives. Whichever party bans tobacco though will get my vote whether they be labour, tory, or screaming monster raving loony.

    Rant over
  17. Not so much the banning but making it stick is what counts! You can ban anything you want to but you have to make people want to stop - hearts and minds!

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