Legal action over plane seat lost

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Why should the airline need to apologise because he is too fat to fit into a normal seat? What's wrong with the baggage hold? :evil:

    Quote his wife - "I need for him to get his confidence back now and start getting him to travel away, going places because he's never travelled anywhere since."

    Here's a tip - keep him away from the fridge!
  2. Given his size he would have trouble in the First Class cabinettes on BA..
    Could he not have purchased two seats? It wouldn't be the first time it had been done.
    Certainly he wouldn't have been allowed in the emergency exit row seats as I doubt he would be able to operate or use a window exit.
    He is going to be stumped for any kind of travel and I reckon the judge made a sound and reasonable decision; the safety of other passengers on the aircraft would need to be taken into account.
  3. Another brilliant example of the compensation culture gone nuts.

    "It's not been about the money. It's been about the apology".

    Yeah right - we believe you. You'd buy an awful lot of pies with it.

  4. Oh really!!! I'm a fat git and I do the honourable thing and book transit in the baggage hold, it's nice and cold there! :D Baggage Class is really quite nice: your own hammock, lots of fresh air, people's pets, scran.....
  5. Not taking it personally are you steve? At the end of the day too many people expect a system which can cope with every eventuality and naturally we've all got crystal balls which enable us to know in advance what difficulties lie ahead ... if only.

    I hate the fact that the guy did bugger all to help himself and is whinging about it now. Everybody tries to sue. I mean, if he feels that bad he could try to do something about his size and perhaps stop sitting back and expecting that someone else will figure the problem out for him.

    Man's an idiot on top of everything else.

    You might be a (self confessed) big bloke but by the sounds of it you do what he does not .... communication! Wonderful invention.

  6. Not taking it personally at all. I agree with the airline. If he has a problem then it's his responsibility as an adult to notify them when he books his flight. When I went over to visit Nutty & his lovely wife Chrissy, I hadn't flown for several years and wasn't sure I'd fit in a seat. :oops: I went online and found that BA provide seat widths and tell you how much legroom you'll be allocated. As I also need to have my legs stretched out because I have lymphoedema in both legs so I have to wear compression stockings (or should that be decompression stockings? :D ). As a result of this I had no option but to book Business Class whcih afforded me the space I needed. For a longer flight I would have to travel First Class. If you're overweight you must take responsibility for special travel arrangement where the need arises. Likewise when I stay somewhere I always take incontinence pads to wear during the day & at night. I don't expect my hosts to wash my bedding everyday - but wearing pads the need is avoided!

    Regarding the compensation culture, I've never claimed nor applied for any compensation as a matter of principle, even where I have a legitimate claim. After all, somebody has to pay for that compensation. It should go to those in the greatest need, not any tom, dick or harry!!! :evil: :x :x
  7. Fat knacker Mr Brown, its easy eat less, exercise more then you're bum might fit in the seat. FFS.
    One of the reasons I love NZ is because it is not necessary to sue (for accidents, work ,sport whatever etc) as contributions are made to a fund called the Accident Compensation Corporation to which 'victims' apply.
    Pays sick allowances as well as compo, but cuts down on need for folks to sue as it is non blaming so disputes are (usually) sorted sharpish ...not perfect but reduces this sort of thing drastically.
    No real grievance industry ...well apart from the Maoris.
  8. And another thing, the bloke could always have taken a boat to Turkey, or if there wasn't one direct, boat and train...? Flying may be quicker but there is always an alternative. I was taught that there are 4 ways of handling most problems: anticipate it, deal with it, go around it or run away from it. The first 3 are good, the last one is not.


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