Hello to all!
Im suffering from pain in my lower inner calf area. Im pretty sure its my Soleus Muscle (from looking on the net). I dont think its shin splints because I had that when I was in training years ago and it wasn't like this.
I started training again recently after a period of being biffed (knee and back) and it came on initially from incorrect foot wear (trail shoes on road). I bought a set of MIZUNO WAVE INSPIRE 6 road shoes on advice from a running shop and for a short while they did the trick. I was smashing between 4.5 and 7.5 miles a night, at a reasonable pace with no probs.
Last week I did my usual 7.5 mile route and felt fine. The next day I tried to run my 4.5 mile route and got about a mile in and started to feel discomfort. I cracked on for another 2 miles (legend!) and had to stop because the pain was again unbearable. This afternoon I tried again and the same issue after a mile so I stopped and walked back. The trainers are still fairly new (well under 200 miles used). I need to be fit for a January course so I have time for rest but not for injury. Im fairly concerned about it being some form of compartment syndrome.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers lads.


Google strikes again.

Very hard to identify a specific muscle that is causing problems. Completely irrelevant if you're concerned about compartment syndrome anyway.

Why don't you get down to see someone who knows what they're looking at (preferably with a medical degree)? Chronic compartment syndrome is rare.
GOOGLE... A proper hypochondriacs search engine!

I spoke to a couple of pussers physio's and they went strait for the shin splint option but I dont think it is (says me with all of my years of med schooling!!!). Not trying to sound a know all c*ck, but its not the same sort of pain as I remember it. Do these symptoms sound anything like ACS? is it a poss? I fully understand that RR is not the best way for a diagnosis....


Anything is possible - all I can say is that compartment syndrome is unlikely. Definitely not acute compartment syndrome by the way - acute means sudden onset, ie following a fracture classically of the tibia. Chronic compartment syndrome is like extreme shin splints.

You need to see a sports physio - have a chat with a Pussers' physio and they'll let you know who to get in touch with.
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