Leg issues

I imagine this has been asked a few times but I'm after specific advice.

I have a burning sensation in my upper calves whenever I run, it only takes a few minutes to kick in and it quickly gets worse untill I have to stop. I have seen 3 doctors and a physio, given blood samples and each one reckons it's a different thing.
Reading similar stories I am led to believe it is compartment syndrome. One doctor says it's impossible but another agrees with me. I have tried ice, rest, new shoes and everything else I can think of, nothing works and it's just irritating how the doctors seem to completely not give a damn.

Anyone have any idea or similar problems?

P.S If it is compartment syndrome is that it for my naval aspirations or will my future be decided at a medical?
I am sure Angry Doc will be along with some good advice.

I am wondering when you got new shoes did you go to a running specialists or just go to a sports shop and buy?
I just got a pair of good running shoes from JJB, I'm going to go to the specialist and get my gait analysed etc, but I am skeptical about the effectiveness of all this since I won't be wearing these shoes all day. But then again I'm not a physio.
I was looking at some responses on running forums and there was nothing I hadn't already heard and tried, I've had this for 2 years. I figured someone might have had a similar experience before a medical.
I used to get tight calf muscles and a numb right foot. Since the day I got the correct shoes from a specialist I no longer suffer problems. I run miles 6 days a week as well. If you are over pronating and you have neutral shoes for example, your achilles tendons may not be used correctly. This can cause injuries from your feet all the way up your legs, hips and back.
Do you smoke? As that can cause snags too.

It's not going to harm speaking to specialists. Take your trainers you run with and pair of shorts. As for video gait analysis they will need to see what your leg is doing.

It was worth my time. It isn't going to harm by going. You may need to book an appointment


The running shoes thing is very important - get a gait analysis first of all. That may sort things out.

If not then I'd ask your GP about any sports and exercise medicine bods in the neighbourhood. Chronic compartment syndrome is rare, but possible. Generally it give pain at about the same stage of exercise every time (eg, after 20 mins running you get the pain, it goes away after about an hour, but always comes back at 20 mins exercise). Before you start going down that line, get your trainers sorted!
It is important to get your gait analysied if you are getting any sort of leg or even back pain. Orthotics may help but standard ones could make things worse if not suitable. 2, 4 or 6 degree postings are "standard". But leg length, apparent leg length, pronation/suppination can be different from left to right, very few people are symetrical, it can be compensated for but it is a specialised job.
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