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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by RSmith, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi All,

    Just wondering whether I could get some advice. I'm due for my PJFT in about 3 weeks time, and I've had about a month off with calf muscle damage (which has caused sharp pain down the sides of my legs). I'm due to go out with some Marines from the recruiting office next wednesday to be assessed also.

    A couple of days ago the muscle pain has come back, but only in one leg. I don't want to miss the opportunity with the Marines and I feel bad about taking more time off. What do you think I should do?

  2. fine line mate to be honest...

    Sometimes its best to sit out rather to risk worsening your injury even more....

    Go and see your doc or a specialist if you can spare the cash.Best seek professional advice rather than the internet.

    Ive got my PJFT next week....

    Which AFCO you going through?

    Best of luck mate.
  3. Thanks.

    I'm through the Chelmsford Branch - yourself?
  4. Taunton.
  5. Ah right, so you're quite close to them.

    I'm really looking forward to it, it's just my legs. My doctors have said it's due to over-exertion, but do you think I should go back to them again?
  6. close yeah,i use there gym at Norton manor camp hahaha

    i live with 2 x royals and bought up by one....

    maybe give him a ring if ya can and explain what you will be doing...saves making an appoinment....
  7. Nicely done. I've only met one Royal, and he was x. Gave me some invaluable advice. Although one of my friends lent me some old RM leaflets and books, and I made myself look an idiot in my interview when I said a telegraph pole was involved in the PRMC. My interviewer told me that had been cut out in 1992.

    Anyway, I'm gonna call him now, and see what he says.
  8. Hahaha....

    Great bunch of blokes mate...Hopefully you will enjoy it and all the best.

    I know i will.
  9. good luck man, if this leg holds up I might last long enough to see lymphstone!
  10. Where's that then, anywhere near Lympstone perhaps. :thumright:
    Good luck with your PJFT, if need be take a rain check and try for a later test, failing now may mean a longer wait.
  11. If i was you i would sit this out, I can understand your keen to crack on but if your injury is not 100% recoverd thn wait abit.

    you may regret it if you dont, but good luck anyway
  12. Ah, Lymphstone. That's when you are casevaced off Woodbury Common with a fever and swollen lymph nodes, after being thrashed through miles of gorse, with more gorse stuffed inside your denims, courtesy of the training team. Or was that just me. In any case, that was the MO's diagnosis. Deep joy. :w00t:
  13. Ah the joy's of Woodbury rash and bastard ticks acquired whilst sitting on your arse during the S3's course. Deep fcuking joy!! :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  14. For some bizaar reason the Thunderflash going off, denoting start of 'CONTACT..wait wait out' always happened as I was approaching a girt hoofing plantation of gorse, PWs gotta love 'em.
  15. "And when you see the schamoolie (spelling) go up everyone is to stand to"

    Oh FFS another bug out with sleeping bag around shoulders and weopon at the ready!! :thumright:
  16. Hmmm, even the Warsaw Pact had heard of 'The NATO Dawn Attack', never happened just after Stand Easy, oh no that would be too easy!!
  17. I remmember dropping my trollies in Sams to show some nurses "Woodbury Rash" I still can't explain nursing a semi at the time!!!
  18. :thumright: :thumright:

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