Left Footers join forces?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Always_a_Civvy, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Steve

    Left footers are Roman Catholics to do with Mason's and Orange Order I think. Left handed persons are Cack Handed.

    Also a lot of weapon systems are designed for right handed people so a left hander could have problems if he cannot adjust.


    PS Sorry if I misinformed about the JOB same Job and department just different customers for others info.
  2. With everyone else claiming - can I set up a 'Hammer Toe Liberation Front' ? ;)

    It is just as diverse as all the others....isn't it :scratch:
  3. I`m a Left Footer, yet I`m right handed, how odd is that?
  4. I first-footed a left-handed person once.
  5. Now that IS a cause for concern. Actually I'm right handed too. Perhaps my destiny was to cross the road and become a humanist?
  6. I forgive you my child. Extinguish a candle and drink thirty Bloody Mary's in pennance ;)

    Customers are normal people now.
  7. Proud to be cack-handed :)
    So are my 3 kids ;)
  8. I am left handed.Just as a side thing,The Jewel Tower oposite The Houses of PArliament is the only building in UK that has a left handed spiral staricase,also as part of the security they only employed left handed soldiers to work there.
  9. I'm cack handed and had major problems when the SLR was replaced by the SA80. But there again its not a matelots primary job is it!
  10. Once in a Unit in which 6 of the 7 Telegraphists were left handed......
    is it a Sparker thing?
  11. Have come across several sparkers with two left hands when using a keyboard!
  12. Would that be a Morse Key.........board?
  13. That was for the left foot!
  14. I married a Glaswegian left footer, her bigoted old man never got over it, old twat the he was.

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