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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi i start my training soon. I'm left handed and left eye domminant. My left eye is perfect but my right eye is slightly inferior. It still good enough to pass the eye test tho, but I use my left eye for focussing and whatnot. I'm a bit worried how this will affect my shooting as i hear the sa80 can't be fired from the left shoulder.

    Is it possible to use other weapons such as the minimi, and gpmg left handed?
  2. Ship mate I have worked with loads of south paws and they manage fine. Seen people shoot left handed just beware of ejecting brass
  3. Wont the cocking handle smack u in the cheek tho? Sorry maybe i've got it wrong. Thanks for the reply though.
  4. No mate you will be perfectly fine on that score. You will learn to adapt to the weopon although i do seem to remember the SA80 being made for "sarf paws" some years ago. could be wrong.
  5. no, you will be taught all your weapon drills using right eye and right handed. it will probably affect your shooting and your drills at the start, but you will soon learn with frequent practise!
  6. Its a bit like wanking with your other hand. It feels a bit strange but also as though someone else is doing it. :thumright:
  7. takes me back to joining runs... sorry initiation ceremonies....... no i meant 'welcome to the troop bbqs' !!!!!
  8. :thumright: :dwarf:
  9. So basically, the weapon can be fired from the left shoulder but everyone, even left handed/eyed people, are taught to shoot it from the right shoulder during training?
  10. if you don't like your teeth, yes it can be fired from your left shoulder! and yes, weapons drills are taught right shoulder right eye
  11. I'm right handed but left eye dominant and I've never had any problem with weapon sights as I have used my right eye since I first learnt to shoot. It will adapt
  12. I'm right handed and the wife is dominant. Bring back the SLR
  13. nah, arm the entire corps with a bottle of rum and 2 roll mats each and we'd take over the world!!
  14. I wonder how many chaps are going to try that out to see if you're right!
  15. Probably quite a few. Just in case they do, might i suggest the folded in half soapy sponge placed under the toilet seat for those desperate moments when you've been out in the field far too long and need some light relief on your return!! :thumright: :dwarf:
  16. Monty........... Alright mate. You do realise that youve just opened the door for the old sweats, bleating on about how the SLR (a real weapon) could be fired from right or left handed position blah, blah!! :eek:mfg: :thumright:

    Nails - the SA80 is designed to be fired right handed only, which is a bit of a mare for you but you will get used to it. With regards to your eyesight, my left eye is also near perfect whilst my right aint so good at long distance. This wont matter too much anyway, as most of the time (unless in an environment such as the jungle) you will be using SUSAT which has x4 magnification.
  17. Thanks Watch and Shoot. Just wondering, do you fire other weapons such as the minimi and GPMG from the left shoulder or right using your weaker eye?
  18. No mate never and Ive never seen anyone try either. At the end of the day, if youve spent all that time learning to adopt a right handed fire position, then why try and change back again? The only time a left handed fire position is helpful, is for when shooting round the left of a wall for example, as it keeps you more in cover (as any of the lads that served over the water will tell you!!)
  19. nah, SLR is obselete compared to the operational SA80, just a bloody elephant gun!!

    (standby, standby...)
  20. already answered. might want to start switching on or trainings gonna be NAILS for you!!!

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