Left 4 Dead

If you're a fan of (the movies) 28 days later, dawn of the dead etc, you'll love it. The range of weapons and abilities is limited, but the gameplay is quick and the bot AI varies, its not like Doom etc where a specific location triggers an attack. Of course its only a few months old and the usual forums and internet wah has sprung up around it so expect a learning curve if you play online. But even if you dont have much play time its fun to play through the scenarios. You can of course play as infected as well, which adds a twist to online battles.
Lamri said:
angry_mac said:
Fallout 3 is next on my shopping list, apparently this is more aimed at co-op gaming.
Isn't that 3rd person?
Lamri l4dead co-op for FPS, basically to get most out of the game play it with m8s or a clan with good headphones, bit like Americas Army, designed for teamplay even though its a FPS. Apparently Fallout3 can be played either as 3rd person or FPS. got game of the year in PCFormat and thats compared to CODWaW
Fallout 3 is fcukin superb, negative co-op though. Be prepared to devote a lot of time to it. And top tip, don't finish the main quest straightaway as the game ends, get all the other jobs done first.
Mmmmkay, so I discovered a new tactic by accident. Going up floor by floor through the hospital, you need to clear room to room down corridors. Lobbed a pipebomb down the corridor which brings the horde after it like retards after an ice cream van (they chase the beeping pipebombs to try and fill it in/eat it). Boom, finish off the stragglers, so all is quiet. As I come to the corner leading to the elevator, I hear a Tank lurking (big Zombie, like a clubswinger on super steroids). I hoyed a molotov down the open corridor then fired a round into the wall next to the tank, he comes running round the corner into the pool of burning smirnoff and burns to death (un-death?). Job done, I get the "Tankbusters" achievement for no-one on the team taking damage from the Tank. I'm sure its all in a walkthrough somewhere on a whiney kids forum but I felt a surge of cool for making it up as I go, although its simple enough and makes sense, so often in other games it doesn't work because of rigid rules or trigger events..... (having read this post back it does look like a tale Nails or that other berk would write about their time in Bosnia...)
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