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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dannyboy1234, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. So whats the chance of getting the weekend off if im starting in july?
  2. you start Raleigh in July? What day's Leeds Fest? If it comes during August you get the time off anyway other than that I'm pretty sure you have no chance.
  3. Yeah i start Raleigh in July. it starts on the 28th and finishes on the 30th. I'll just have to see what happens
  4. Hi Danny,

    I've heard that Raleigh closes for a few weeks in Aug, so it might be poss for you to go.

    It just depends on the dates it closed. Also assuming that the info provided is correct. The best option would be to contact your AFCO.
  5. All trainees at HMS Raleigh will be on Summer Break from August 7th 2009 to September 7th 2009.

    Leeds Fest is the last weekend in August.
  6. Soleil,

    Thanks for the dates.

  7. Cheers, best get my ticket then
  8. Soleil does leave start the first weekend in August then? I'm chuffed at getting 4 week's paid leave, going to have to stay fit in the rest mind.
  9. No, not the first weekend in August. The first weekend is August 1st and August 2nd.

    HMS Raleigh's Summer Break starts at the end of the first week of August (Friday, August 7th) so you could say that it begins the second weekend in August.
  10. Do you know how this affects recruits? I will be 7 weeks through training when this happen's and I know someone else who did their RNAC with me who will be 9 week's through. Will I get the time off but not him? Also how are you treated when you come back after those 4 week's are you given extra slack again?
  11. You all go on leave at the same time, and no, you don't get any "slack". It's up to you to keep fit and up to speed.
  12. Will people in week 9 go on leave though? I think he may as he does his phase 2 at raleigh which i just found out and thus makes my question irrelevant but if you'd like to answer it anyway, do people who have finished week 9 at Raleigh get the 4 week's off if their phase 2 is not at Raleigh.

    Didn't think i'd get any slack so it look's like i'll just have to provide my own by being overly fit muahaha.
  13. Pretty much what Wrecker said, Most training establishments will get 4 weeks leave, although you should only get 3.

    You will be expected to crack straight on after leave, so you will need to keep your fitness up over your 4 weeks paid leave.

    Hope this helps


  14. Thanks SM, why should I only get 3?
  15. HI

    I start basic June 14th, do you think ill still get the summer leave off?
  16. You defenitely will, I start basic a week after you.
  17. Why would you want to go to Leeds fest? It's a fcuking shit line up.

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