Leeds AFCO- Anyone else?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Zoidberg, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone else here is applying through the Leeds AFCO and if anyone else has an interview on the 18th.
  2. I'm applying through the Leeds AFCO, however I have my interview on the 4th
  3. I dont think it really matters, they will tell you all to arrive at different times so you'll be on your own so to speak.

    Is it officer or rating your going in as?

  4. Aye, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

    I'm going for rating.
  5. fair doos mate, and good luck.
    just make sure you know your basics, ships aircraft, etc.
    have fun! be yourself!
  6. Officer for me!
  7. Usually 08:45 at Leeds, 3 killicks and one booty corporal, Corporal seems to be in overall charge of the matelots. Will probably go up about 09:00 finish around 10:15 and then be told to come back around 11:45. (Thats what happened 2 weeks ago when my daughter was there)

    Make sure you have practised your psychometric tests.
  8. Aye. That's what happened when I went for the psychometric as well. I was expecting them to whack on a presentation DVD, which is what I heard they did. :oops:

    EDIT: I think I may have been on the same test as your daughter. The 12th.
  9. Does Thingy work there?
  10. Is Thingy the female staff sergeant that mans (oh the irony) the army desk?
  11. That would be the one who asks everyone who comes in the door "What service" and they all say Navy, there seems to be loads of Army Sargeants in that place.
  12. thats because

    1) they are all downgraded P7 and

    2) RN are soft enough to keep doing their tours in afghan and iraq

    jobs a good un in leeds if your army :roll: :lol:
  13. That's the one.

    "Anyone for army?!"
    *laughter from everyone in the room* :lol:
  14. every time ive been that only happens to the raf lol, theres usually always one person with their mother aswell :roll:
  15. The RN had, at a close guess, 14-16 people in for the RT. The RAF had about 9 in+several for interviews.

    There were about 3 or 4 people there with parents.

    Whilst I realise, there's a CPO as well :)
  16. I went through the Leeds AFCO, just waiting on my Raliegh date now, off up to Caledonia at end of April. The Army blokes seem like a happy bunch, never had anything to do when I've been in. I was sat there talking to one of the Navy blokes (badling guy with glasses, later 20s?) when one of the Army recruiters ran outside and dragged in some girls that were giving away Pepsi. He totally failed to pull. Got some free pepsi out of it though.

    What made that AFCO even more interesting was that the Chief knew my old Head of Year from high school, bet he had all sorts of stories on me :?
  17. Not seen him yet

    I bet the RAF wouldn't have even got the free pepsi :lol:

    Pwnt! The CPO seems like a decent bloke though.

    Did you get a choice between Caledonia and the other one? (I presume this is for the RPC?)
  18. Yes its for the RPC, and I didnt get a choice, the other one is relatively knew I think, Portsmouth is it? Either way, its easier for me to get to Fife than Portsmouth. Leeds -> York -> Edinburgh as opposed to Leeds -> London -> Underground -> Pompey. I've done that journey to Pompey and back before and its bitch, bloody hate London.
  19. Aaah. Sucks. I'd much rather go through London; I could visit family and friends on the way back :(

    What branch are you going for?
  20. London is too big for my liking. I'm going in as a Communications Technician. Actually thinking of ringing up the Chief and pestering for new on entry. I was told the next intake was likely to be May, but that was months ago, and its not too far off now, so a bit of info wouldn't go amiss!

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