Lebanon Evacuation

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by noemis, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Anybody else think that this was a perfect opportunity for GSSR's to be deployed? SPO heaven surely!!
  2. "I" dont think the powers to be deep down are 100% convinced that we can do the job effectively yet, especially on an RN ship as most of the experience so far with TELIC etc has been on STUFT and RFA...!!..and also the fact that this incident cropped up quite quickly..!!

    However if a certain trip goes well later in the year i.e. no feck ups I can see that rapidly changing and I mean very rapidly...!!!

    We might find ourselves being rather popular!

    My personal opinion bring it on....!!
  3. You would have thought though that this would have been the prover rather than throwing us in at the deep end in 'Stan! I for one would have jumped at the chance of a little practice run before the serious stuff starts!!
  4. Me too, get me out there now, apart from anythingelse, it's probably cooler than here (weather wise of course!)
  5. Don't think WM is talking about Afghanistan - I think he's referring to the RNR SPO teams being deployed for 2 weeks somewhere hot and sunny.... :wink:
  6. I'm 1st reserve at my unit for the upcoming exercise. I'm an old and bold with plenty of experience and i'm gratified to say that the lads from my unit who are at the top of the list are dead keen and although generally inexperienced, are lads i would go to war with any time. They will get serious experience which will stand them in good stead for the coming years and will do a good job when that time comes.

    They all, without exception have put their names down for Herrick and whatever else may come their way. Indeed drill night was packed with questions about there being any possibility of being deployed to the Lebanon to help out and experienced or not i would back them to do the job required out there and anywhere else.

    I agree that this was the chance to show just how good our fledgling branch is, although i would concede that this was put together a tad too quickly for us to have got involved immediately. That being said, i'm willing to bet that employers would let the majority of guys go with their blessing at the drop of a hat for something like this, protecting stranded people from our own country as opposed to a politically incorrect war.
  7. Just been watching the news and now they are using STUFT for the evacuation, with the time that has now passed surely this would have been an ideal opportunity. Does anyone know if anybody has been called, perhaps one of these SPO teams they tell us about is ready and has gone?

    If we are all current and proficient in our role, then it wouldn't take long to deploy a team would it?
  8. Is it only for 2 weeks? I heard about that the other night - and that there was no shortage of volunteers!

    My undertstanding was that the RN like RNR SPO teams as they are generally made up of more mature pedonnel who are generally more level headed.
  9. Let me clarify - there's a couple of SPO teams going to a HM ship to "show what we can do" :wink:
  10. sorry boys loggies already there!
  11. Wot ya doin'?
  12. There is an email doing the rounds showing the not insignificant RNR contribution to the Op. I'd suggest this is a very good example of the new RNR, where we can make meaningful contributions in hours not weeks. Well done all concerned.
  13. Doing the rounds where? Any chance of it (or relevant bits of it) going public?
  14. moving stuff around as far as I've been told....not been called up just yet....there's still time :lol: :lol:
  15. I got a copy of it, not sure here is the right place to post it but the gist of it is from FOSNNI : BZ we've had more volunteers step up than we've got places for on present Ops...............

    ah just found our daily dits and that is a confirmed pusser pat on back. :lol:
  16. If you're C4ISR you'll have a copy :)
  17. I have a copy of a general roundup from the C4ISR Internal Comms Coordinator but it puts names in frames. I thought there was a more general dit going round as well that would probably have been more appropriate to reproduce in open forum - perhaps I am wrong - anyone got anything to add?
  18. I can probably post the C4ISR memo minus names if you want.
  19. Just think it would be nice for everyone to see what we are doing (RNR in total) - too easy to get dug into our own specialisations and end up missing the bigger contribution.

    I am delighted to see so many specs mentioned and the C4ISR memo is a good start but is there something else doing the rounds as well? Jesse650 mentioned a BZ from FOSNNI - not seen that one.
  20. Heavily edited Memo attached - Mods feel free to delete if OPSEC concerns, but I don't see anything classified there myself.

    1. ‘Reserve for Use’ has kicked in with support for Op HIGHBROW off Lebanon


    2. Fleet raised a ‘UOR’ for the establishment of a MTO cell wrt to the current crisis in the Lebanon. Four volunteers:

    3. The requirement is for 24/7 manning at the NATO Shipping Centre in Northwood.

    4. SO1 MTO is currently trawling MTO specialisation for 2 personnel (Officers or Ratings) to go to Cyprus IOT compile the shipping picture (NAMESIS).


    3 media ops at HQ's

    8. 3 x Media Ops Specialists are being despatched to assist with media

    AMPHIB Warfare

    10. In addition MR has three STON watchkeepers embarked in BULWARK on FTRS

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