Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Earn_It, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick q, Ive been in 3 years next may, how many years do you have to serve before you can put your notice in?
  2. I think it is two and half years from the completion of your training, having submitted twelve months notice.

    May I ask why you want to leave?
  3. yeah I know its 12months notice, but didnt know if you have to serve 3 or 4 years from when you joined to be able to submit your notice.
  4. Depends on the branch: You need to serve SITP + ROS before you can submit your notice. BR8748 may give more info - speak to your UPO.
  5. Actually, with a good lawyer and lots of money you could go out with one months notice.

    And before anyone states you have signed a contract, so did the females that signed thay would leave if they became pregnant.
    Only to have a lawyer overturn it and lots of money be paid out.

    Etc Etc Etc
  6. Yaaaaaawwwwwwwnnn. Oh sorry for my manners, I shall put my hand over my mouth next time.
  7. Why not wait for the next call for redundancies.

    Bound to be some sooner or later.......... :evil:
  8. Not meant to be a dig at females, but an example of the way many of the MOD actions are overturned when civilian lawyers are involved, another example would be the large changes to court martial procedures that had to be made.
  9. No it was a dig at lawyers, of which I may or may not be one!

    You can blame, should you wish to, the EU for the whole pregnancy thing - its just a little matter of the outlawing of sexual discrimination. And as to the CM, I am presuming that you are referring to the changes brought in after the HRA 1998? If you are, IMHO there were not so many changes that were unjustifiable on other grounds.
  10. Bit of a wimp are we - can't take it, want to go home to mummy.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As correctly stated, it depends what branch you joined.

    In most cases you must complete your SITP, complete 2.5 years return of service, then submit 12 months notice.

    Those who joined as student nurses, artificers & comms techs cannot submit notice until 3.5 years after completing their SITP.

    Messdeck lawyers aside, of course.
  12. yes I cry myself to sleep in my pit most nights and all my shipmates ridacule me :cry:
  13. Well mate you must be a bit of a to$$er as 3 years aint a long time at all. Plus if you had any common sense you would know that the RN has a Divisional system for these type of questions. In short go see your bloody DO sprog.
  14. The RN is not the life for everyone so what is wrong with leaving if a change of mind, change of circumstances or even change of skiddies mean that you want a change of career?
    However it is probably better to try and sort out the reasons behind your decision to leave. If the problems are insurmountable then leave, but perhaps the problems are of a minor nature and could be rectified by something as simple as a draft.
    As someone has said, the RN has a great divisional system, use it.
  15. At least you can answer in true jack style - well done. Got anything planned for when your outside?
  16. Hello Earn_it,

    Adding this latest thread to your previous inquiries of January at http://www.navy-net.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=11856.html it appears that you are genuinely unhappy and probably feeling unable to take your troubles to your immediate Divisional Superiors.

    Seen from the Official Viewpoint - You owe the RN for their large investment in your recruitment, training and administration.

    But my initial advice would be to seek out the Chaplain or their Staff for an interview.

    This will be quite confidential and there are ways and means for their ilk to point wheels in the right direction and to grease the tracks, too, if need be. Medical? Well, clinical depression is not unknown and it is treatable.

    Beyond that, I believe that you still have the right to submit a “Request to see the Captainâ€, or OiC of your unit, “On a Private Matter.â€

    If you have lost your original zeal for the Navy it is possible that another/shore draft could be arranged; during which time the root cause of your dissatisfaction would be assessed and dealt with. A lot of ‘Ifs’ but this could lead to an earlier discharge than your service time currently entitles you to. It has happened; during my service I was an Apprentices DO for a couple of appointments…..

    At ARRSE, and RR, there are several instances of those desperate to rejoin after previously having left for reasons which appeared to be quite justifiable at that time. Most had long and not always successful waits. Keep that foremost in your mind.

    To other poster and lurkers: I offered these few words out of genuine concern for someone whom I hope is not laying a bait. Could you therefore please wind your necks in just for now? It may be that this person has already suffered enough on the messdeck.

    Finally for Earn_it: Try and cheer up for now and be careful what you post on here next or you could be shredded with Jack’s cheeky but sometimes useless advice.


    PS If this IS a bite – I give in, I was well-hooked.
  17. Hello Earn it i left the marines last year and i all ready regret it hence i am rejoining the divers branch. I got a job in warehouse management a few months back. It pays just over 30k but the job it self is total shit, the civies i work for constantly need supervision just to put a box on a pallet, constant fag/coffee breaks more than the military and as soon as it hits 5 the place is empty. What im trying to say is that you may think the grass is greener on the other side, you might even find a better job with better pay but you will always look back on Navy life and deep down you do miss it. I can promise you now you will never meet such good bunch of lads out side military life, no one in civie street gives a toss about your Naval service and they take you for granted (there are a few out there that value us). Civie life is hard work, no fun and everything is expensive.

    Take the advice of what the others have said and see if you can sort out your problems, only look at putting your chit in as the very last option.

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