don't worry

you will soon learn that sailors and ex-sailors like nothing better than winding people up

If people know that it bothers you they will do it more

If you trust your man don't worry


Anchor_Faced_Jack said:
Or Bromide in the water
i remember this, it was always a rumour and never quashed. So DID they put bromide in the water or not.

It didnt stop me, i was a randy little bugger and for the first 8 weeks i found wrns really good looking in a set of 8's. I got cought shagging a fat bird in the chapel, the bit where you could smoke in the evenings!

they probably still do it there?


yeah 30 march can not beleive he get s two weeks off for easter better than being at school that!
I can't see he will think that, when you are at Raleigh you just want it over with and so the break will just drag it out. Good news for you though!
Compulsive cleaning, ironing the cat, running around the house and standing to attention when the mother in law is around!!
He will have been programed to do as he is told

and will have followed a strict routine

so he seen a little different

plus he will now do all his own washing and ironing

if your lucky


Lantern Swinger
or if he is switched on he will have learnt to talk someone else into doing it as he is doing them a favour in letting them have the priviledge

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