am after some advice my fella has just started basic training any advice on how to cope while he gone!!!!. HELP!!! :cry:
Cope with what? He will only be away for a few weeks, it's Torpoint not Basrah. Where are you based? Find yourself a toy boy stand in.
Get a box of OMO and put it in your window :D

Only joking love, i'm sure you have family or friends that you can rely on, use them.


oh now i get it. besides i prominsed to behave, plus i knackered he keeps textin me at 5:15 when he wakes up !!!!


yeah they allowed them. although wish he would realise just coz he awake does not mean i need to be
Your best bet is to keep your self busy

The navy will be keeping him busy

try not to worry about him, he will be fine

at least you can talk to him

If you find it hard to cope now, what will it be like when he goes to sea?

look to your family and friends to keep your mind off of it

And put your phone on silent at night


Lantern Swinger
Mobiles are allowed at standeasy's and lunch times (and I guess at call the hands too) but only in the block rec space, so he must get up at 0500, have a quick dhoby and then leg it down to the rec space to text her. Ahh, young love :???:

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