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JunglyDaz said:
The trouble is that the LSAP is capped at £8,500. /quote]

I believe that in the future (not sure when) the LSAP will increase to 25'000 as the powers that be realise that 8500 won't get a shed these days.


Why? - you need to understand that in the real world, nobody owes you anything, whether it be a job, a house, a standard of living, or living happily ever after. Get real and plan for the time that you leave the comfort of the services. If you expect things to be handed to you on a plate you're in for a rude awakening. We've all experienced it - I came out, couldn't get council house as not on any list (just got married at the time) so had to rent until such time could afford deposit on mortage etc. It's called life and you just need to get on with it.
Hitback said:
shag_shacker, What about those that are Medically Discharged from the forces. They are unable to get a mortgage! This legislation also affects them and their families. Bigger Picture to all things, you know.

All this camapign has been about is equal treatment for service leavers and their families.

A big thank you to all those that signed the petition and for your support on this campaign.

what do you want me to say - am i to blame for the state of the housing in this country. in a way i am as i now own 4 houses due to an inheritance windfall. yes i could have bought matching astons but didnt. therefore i stand by what i said.

whilst i was struggling with my mortgage, colleagues in MQ were having a whale of a time with the minimal rent and all the gadgets. did i start a petition becasue i felt a void caused by lack of ps2, x-box, plasma, dvd recorder, laptop, nice car, holidays, piss-ups in every port every day - DID I ****. and yes i know as i now live in MQ and rent my family home out so know what a difference it is from £800 - £300.

i am afraid it sounds like green eye to me, the goverment has given you a starter with the homebuy scheme so take advantage of it and feck off. minimal payments due to favourable interset rates, my wife works for a bank and we could have a staff rate but this would be classed as a perk by Gordon Brown. if you worked in a non key worker industry would you be getting a leg up would you feck. the service pays a decent wage compared to a lot of private sector workers so nobody should be that penalised. it is/was a question of timing.

i know it wont help you but you cant help everyone all the time.

sorry no sig from me - where do we end with all of this state nannying. my sister has to go to work by bus as she cant afford a car because she has to pay extortionate repayments. why dont you start a petition for keyworker car loan.

get in the free economy market and accept it. whilst we have the state of house building the country housing marker will always be like this. yes i thank god everyday that i am where i am but what do we suggest. penalise everybody that has saved up for the future or give in to the unwashed mass who blame eveybody but themselves for not thinking ahead.

open another bottle of wine and calm down

awaiting incoming


Lantern Swinger
Thats your point of view no incoming from me.

I do have a question though; How will a Medically Discharged service person thats been left unable to work get a mortgage or if he already has one before being discharged, pay it off?

I don't require to buy my own home, I've been housed. However I never was a ding ding sqaddie and I believe after 3 years of campaigning that I should keep fighting for change to help future service leavers.

Thank you for your feedback




Lantern Swinger
As a result of this petition and other campaigning, the Government have themselves acknowledged there is a problem.

Sure, the problem only affects a minority, including some of those who are medically discharged unexpectedly early.

Part of the problem is that housing legislation treats personnel leaving the service as having no "local connection" to the area where they were stationed. Service personnel are thus treated on a par with discharged prisoners, and less favourably than most people seeking social housing.

The housing authority may refer you and your family to the area from where you enlisted, possibly many years previously, and if you came from a service family yourself your connection with that previous area might have been very tenuous and temporary.

The British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF) wouldn't have endorsed this campaign, had it not first looked very closely at the law and practice in this area and found that indeed there are real issues which it is in everyone's interest to address.

One of the areas which BAFF is likely to pursue further is the variation in practice by different housing authorities and housing associations. Birmingham appears to be an example of best practice: eg Ex-Armed Forces Personnel Get Improved Home Options

Make no mistake, hitback and the petition author and in fact all of us who have signed the petition have raised the public profile of these housing issues and helped to bring about real progress at last, many years after the unfair legislation was introduced.

Thank you. Still some way to go chaps! ;)



I have today received a letter from my Member of Parliament in response to the petition, with an interim response from the MOD.
It basically states that the matter is currently receiving attention and that I will be contacted when the M.P, receives a full response.
Hopefully this is moving in the right direction.


Further to my previous.
The following arrived today courtesy of the M.P. for my constituency.

Written Ministerial Statement
Thursday 21 June 2007

Communities and Local Government

The Minister for Housing and Planning (Yvette Cooper ) My Hon,Friend
the under secretary of State for Defence and Veterans and I have
recently reviewed the way in which current housing legislation impacts on
those leaving the Armed Forces. This follows representations from Service
personnel and others that the local connection provisions in housing
legislation put Service personel and those leaving the Armed Forces at a
disadvantage when trying to access social housing.

21 Jun 2007 : Column 108WS

Local authorities in England are responsible for framing their own policies and procedures for allocating social housing. in deciding who gets priority for social housing, housing legislation allows local authorities to take into account whether someone has a local connection with their district.Not all local authorities take local connection into account. Where they do the legislation can put Service personnel at a disadvantage since an individual cannot establish a local connection with an area through residence or employment when serving in the Armed Forces.

The Government are commited to aiding the effective transition of Service personnel to civilian life, and access to suitable housingis a vital part of this Many will havehave bought their own home during their time in Service - and the Ministry of Defence has several schemes in place to encourage this - or will do on leaving. However for some Service leavers home ownership may not be an option and they may wish to apply for social housing, We believe it is important that the service they have given to their country does not place them at any disadvantage in this respect.
The Government have therefore decided to make the necessary changes to housing legislation, at the earliest opportunity to ensure that Service personnel are treated fairly and put on an equal footing with other people applying for social housing.

The detail of how the change will be effected will need to await the outcome of the current review of housing policy which the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government aanounced, following publication of Professor Hills! wide ranging report on social housing on the 20th February 2007.
We will bring forward our proposals in due course.

I have no doubt others who signed the petition will have had similar from their respective Members of Parliament
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