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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Petrolhead, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. I'm having a little dillemma with my life at the moment. I joined the RNR nearly a year ago all guns blazing and having no real job it seemed perfect to me, i've not long come back from Raleigh and my feelings towards joining and my job situation have changed dramatically.

    Basically I've started working for my dad's business (theres just two of us at the moment) which so far i'm really enjoying it, the thought of having to leave him in the lurch whilst I go on training/deployment isn't something which I want to do.

    So (for all this is going to sound really bad) I would like to leave the RNR, I feel like a let down to my unit and my mates within it, but this is a real carrer opportunity to me and can set me up quite well in life.

    Can anyone give me advice on how to go about this properly, I would rather do it soon, and not have any more money spent on me with training or mess my unit around.

    Many thanks,

  2. Speak to your DO.

    What you could do is open the conversation about a deployment, giving yourself plenty of time to prepare for doing it. There are financial packages available to help fill your job whilst you're away.

    You could also look at reducing your commitment, although this may only be an option when you're on the trained strength.

    Your DO and CO should be able to come up with some options, rather than seeing it as a straight stay/ go issue. Whether they do or not is a different issue, see the thread on recruiting numbers about my views there.
  3. I don't want to sound like I'm delibertley putting barriers in my way nor do I want to make myself seem irreplaceable, but there isn't anyone who will be able to fill my job, well not to the same extent that I do.

    I see your advice to seeing my DO as a good move, but should it come to the crunch, can I leave?
  4. Nobody is indispensable.

    Of course you can, just consider the options.
  5. Petrolhead,

    A lot of people in the RNR ask themselves that same question, and have been for a long time now.

    I know people who have been in for a year or two who have left, and those who have done 20+ years who have gone the same way. I've been saying the same thing now for a while, and am about to get my third GCB from it - 12 years undetected crime!

    The simple answer is that everyone can be replaced, and if you do leave, there will be someone else to fill your slot. If you're doing this because of work and not wanting to let your Dad down; for the first couple of years, you'll only have to do your two weeks a year - and even then, it's only compulsory if you want your bounty.

    Deployment-wise, although if you're Sea(Res) you could be deployed after two-three years, again, they're still in the volunteer phase. I know people who have been in five or six years and haven't done a single deployment yet. Even if you do get called up, you can ask to be released from deploying if it causes undue hardship - which if you're in a small company, it can do.

    If you think that the RNR can give you something that you want out of life, then stay in. Have you spoken with your Dad over this? You never know; he might support you staying in..
  6. Fair enough, I think it's worth mulling it over, but should I decide that it's not longer for me, whats the process of leaving? A letter or quiet word with my DO?
  7. deleted because I misread...
  8. The official means of leaving the RNR is to write a letter of resignation to your CO, once accepted by the unit then that it's you're 100% civi again. HOWEVER, do not do so before considering the following (apologies if I repeat some of the previous comments above):

    1. What do you get out of the RNR and what can you get of the RNR in the future - believe me there are plenty of things available that will benefit you. Ask not what you can do for the RNR but what the RNR can do for you.

    2. Although it sounds like you are not TPS as yet, you may be able to discuss with your unit the notion of a leave of absence for 6 or 12 months. During which time you can commit to the business and help build it. Perhaps after a year you will have a few more employees and the cover required for when you are on exercise or deployed.

    3. In previous jobs where I have not had extra leave from my employer I have had to use my annual leave allowance to complete my OCT.

    4. It is possible to undertake your taining purely at weekends and exercises without having to go into unit and you are able to complete your OCT in installments. E.g. 518 and BSSC with something else to make up the extra 2 days.

    5. Finally, have a good think about it and chat it through with your dad and your div staff (perhaps your DSR or STO is the best place to start).

    Best of luck and I hop that you make the correct decision either way.

    Yours aye,

  9. Is there any basis on which a resignation would not be accepted?
  10. Petrolhead

    There is no reason why your resignation would not be accepted, as long as you have not received your call up papers.

    If your from the scouse unit speak with your DO. You might be surprised about what options are available to you.

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