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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by Snorkers, May 30, 2007.

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  1. After completing 23 years I have decided its time for a change in employment and have been offered a job in pastures new starting in 2 months. My snag is that the old man has turned down my early release request and will not support it. Any body with any recommendations or knowledge on taking release early from the RN further either by naval law or legally outside with a law firm.

    Any ideas appreciated


  2. I put my Notice in back in 84,i found that there was a signal to quote to accelerate the process as our branch was overborne.Put the request i on the monday and on the Wednesday i was at Nelson release.So it might be worth looking for a similar signal.Other than that you might try a grievance procedure.
  3. Thanks Andy
    Got the complaint letter mostly written now, will have it finished by tomorrow but got a feeling I might need a bit more push behind it but can’t find any solicitors that deal with discharge.
  4. You might want to PM rosina carley on here she is a Lawyer,she might be able to point you to somebody.
  5. Snorkers,

    I would speak to FORCES LAW....you can find them in the Forces Discount Brochure (0845 601 1260 or www.forceslaw.com). They deal with Court Martials, Employment, compensation etc and specialise in Forces cases. The advert says that initial advice is free !!! Worth a try I reckon.

    I haven't seen it in black and white, but I do know someone who was in 2OE, was offered a job and left within the month as the job was only being kept open for that length of time. The only stumbling block is your CO, if you are doing a crucial job that you (and only you) can do I can understand his concerns, but if you could be replaced then I can't see the problem.

    Good luck ...my advice would be phone FORCES LAW and if you get no joy from them, go through with the official complaint. What has your D.O. said about this by the way ?
  6. Have you tried the back pages of Navy News, they sometimes list lawyers who deal with Forces law.
  7. Just tried that FORCES LAW website link....scrub round it ....doesn't work !
  8. The C.O. wants a replacement before he lets me go, which I can understand but only to cover training, not sea time.

    Tried ringing one solicitor in Navy News but the didn’t really offer much help at all as they only seemed to deal with injury or court martial claims.
  9. Not your fault that there is no replacement available and am pretty certain that anything less than three months is no longer considered to be early release. Considering that half of that period will be resettlement leave in the first place it seems odd. I have never heard of anyone being refused permission to leave with so little time to go.

    Recommend you go and speak to your friendly neighbourhood CPOWTR and consult over normal practice and the regulations in the 8748. Failing that drafty should know how as it will be normal business for them. Loads of people do this.

  10. All sorted. The old man will live with the gapped billet now so I'm off to become a strawberry Mivie next month.

    All the best and thanks to all those who offered advice.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Indeed, rather sad that you had to resort to considering legal action against your employer for the last 23 years, despite the fact, when you joined, you knew that you had to submit 18, not 12 months notice, let alone throwing your toys out when you couldn't leave even sooner.

    Good luck.

    You'll just love working as a civilian!
  12. 18 months notice was too long, and even 12 months is still too long. If you are offered a very well paid opportunity who are you going to look after, your family or the navy? Join the Real world.........
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Yes it is sad that he had to resort to seeking legal advice after serving his employer for so long, the same employer who would have kicked him into touch at the drop of a hat after 22 years had they not needed his skills! The legal advice is pointless anyway, the Armed Force are excluded from most of the Employment Act 1996 and have every right to keep you in for your full 12 months, legally!

    I think the point is this: What is the point in keeping you once you have had enough! You put your notice in and start looking for a job, this is your families future on the line. When you find one and get a firm job offer it is only right that you are allowed to go to pursue pastures new. Why keep someone who has no interest anyway and probably has about 4 months of the 12 for leave and resettlement anyway?

    I would say its a slightly different deal when you haven't completed your original 22 year contract but after 22 the average stay on 2OE is a mere 2.4 years, it's not as if drafty expected you to stay in for another 10 years.

    By the way submitted my termination on Tuesday and am now actively looking for a job in civvie street.
  14. Totally agree, the original bloke doesn't owe the navy a jot in my book. You enter into a contract with the RN as your "employer" and that's all it is these days. The RN agrees to pay you etc and you go and do whatever is required of you no questions asked. When it's time to leave you are totally forgotten and it would actually be more convenient to those holding the purse strings if you died so they could stop paying your pension.
    Contrast this with the benefits the American's get when they leave the military (I work with them) and you realise what a poor deal we get.
    Shame on the old man for not looking at the original case in a more sympathetic manner.

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