Leaving the Navy?

Are you about to leave the Armed Forces? Have you left recently?
We are making a one-hour/one-off documentary commissioned by Channel 4, following the journey of service personnel leaving the forces and making the transition into civilian life.
We are looking to find a cross section of people with a range of different military experience who are about to, or have just left the Armed Forces (within the last 6-12 months) and are getting to grips with the new challenges of civvy street.
Our aim is to make a character led film following the journey of between 3-6 people all dealing with different aspects of leaving the forces. From those who have spent a lifetime in the services, to those who are leaving after only a few years. Whatever your experiences, if you left a few months ago or are leaving later this year, we’d like to talk to you.
If you are interested in taking part or if you’d just like to tell us your experiences get in touch.
Email: [email protected]


I expect that not only will you choose superb representatives of the UK Armed Forces, you will also portray them magnificently.
Think about it 007. In the catch up show you'll be skinny dipping with a bevy of dusky beauties in the Caribbean. I'll be fighting over the clean needle with Marvin from the scheme, and living rough with my wee dog called suicide.

Classic Bafta award winning TV that Roger Mellie would be proud of.

Is this how you forecast our futures??? Hopefully you're referring to their shit editing. However if they are going to do that................

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