Leaving terms for an Officer.

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I have my interview next week and one question which I can't find which I feel I should know is; what are the leaving terms? I know for initial commission you are expected to serve 12 years minimum service as an Air Engineering Officer. But if an individual wanted to leave what's the earliest they could leave?



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Officers have the opportunity to apply to leave (voluntarily withdraw from training) up until their Premature Termination of Career Training (PTCT)

Beyond this point, they are required to complete their initial training and become eligible to leave the Service on completion of any outstanding initial training return of service (ROS)

Officers undertaking initial training, may request permission to withdraw from training up until their PTCT point. Requests will normally be granted provided the YO has not passed beyond the stage of training specified.

For Engineers: Day before passing out of BRNC Dartmouth

Officers who pass their PTCT point are required to complete their initial training and serve out the specified Return Of Service (ROS) for the training received.

ROS For Direct Entry Graduate Engineers = 3 years
ROS for DTUS = 3 years from completion of an officer’s initial training (includes professional training). Officers may apply for Early Termination to run concurrently with the end of the ROS period.
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