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Leaving School and Joining The Navy


I'm still in school, and i have a question. I have my RT in Luton this Thursday, and I'm wondering about what happens after (Dependent on whether I pass or not :p )

This is the first year that the government is making you either stay in school till your 18, or join the armed forces, but because of how the waiting list works, there's a possibility that I'm going to start 6 Form / College and be pulled out half way, well, at least that's how I see it working. I was curious to see if anybody had any information on how they managed the whole school/Armed forces combo, will they take me in for training straight away? or will I have to start a sixth form or college. I'm joining as a Communications Technician if that helps at all, because as far as I'm aware there is a lot of training in that role.

Thanks for any help / advice given.


War Hero
My son has just started sixth form.

The law is he must stay in education until age 18 unless he is in immediate employment on an apprenticeship or has a start date to join the Armed Forces.

As a potential Comms Tech, even after completing the recruiting test, interview, medical, pjft, SC & DV successfully, you are unlikely to be allocated a start date in the next 12 months.

Advice? Crack-on with your education simultaneously until you have a provisional offer of service in writing.

Good luck.


It does sound like a stupid rule to stay in education until 18 when viewed in this context. Perhaps do something in sixth form that will be beneficial to your role in the Royal Navy - if you are pulled out half way through you will have got a head start. If you finish your education then hopefully you will have qualifications in an area that interests you - these can then be used either in the RN or out in civvy street.


Yea, I have an idea of what I want to do in sixth form, it's just I don't want to start then be pulled out halfway, maybe the government have introduced a scheme where they put me in training or something, because they really haven't thought this through.


Lantern Swinger
Okay cheers, but what if I have to pull out of sixth form right in the middle?

My friend has done his RT, Eyes, Medical and fitness he's been doing that for about a year and half and he was told just week he's looking at an intake date next October, so I don't think you'd need to worry too much. He's doing CT as well.


War Hero
Listen to the old Ninja above he is a trained recruiter, take all your entry tests, if it pans out you finish your ‘A’ Levels before you get a joining date, then you will have other options open to you, RN our University, join as rating or an Officer? Never try to second guess how things will go do your best look at all your options without burning any bridges you do not need too. Even completing ‘A’ Levels before you join will not do you any arm for future career prospects, you could aways defer you joining date to complete education?
Good look


I have been through what you have just posted :) I applied in January of this year and have completed the whole of the recruitment process within 4 months so I have received my start date for HMS Raleigh on Jan 4th 2015 before I finished year 11 so therefore I didn't have to go to sixth form. I have been out of school since May as I got told that it would be pointless me going for 3 months. So basically I am just waiting to go to basic training! :) luckily my recruitment process was very quick as my AFCO really wanted me to join as soon as possible. So my advice is that if you are in year 11 now I would apply ASAP :)
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