Leaving Routine

I would have been happy with some Subby shaking my hand and saying thanks for the 12 years you have given us instead of Jenny chopping my ID Card in half and showing me the door out onto Queen Street, Pompey.

I'll stick with the mess dinner, even if it is Tarato Night rather than Trafgalgar Night and wandering around gettin stamps on your leaving card thanks


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F*** me,
I'll never drip about wandering round Guzz dockyard in the p****** rain getting my chit stamped anymore! Then again.....
Nutty said:
Passed-over_Loggie said:
Obviously the Japs don't want blokes nipping in then sloping off whenever they feel like it!
:thumright: Very Subtle :w00t: :w00t:

I'm pleased to see the red on the port side and green on the starboard. You can always tell a properly trained Seaman. Of course, it all depends on whether you're a forward or backward looking person! :laughing8:
I noticed he was 'required to fight fifteen of his colleagues' whereas in the similar case some four months before, the person was 'required to fight sixteen of his colleagues'. Looks like the recent victim was one of the previous participants.
Ahaha, only in japan....i have to admit, i would be quite satisfied going one on one with WO1 DO's from colingrad, and maybe even the CHOPS from lancaster....but im the first to admit id've given up once it came to the men with the extreme hair gel fanatics, known as the pusser PTI! :p

Ill never forget the last day after a year in the mob....a little AB loggy at the release office in nelson saying, "cheers. you dont get a badge, and you wont get resettlement. See you later" And then onto the next person :p

aaaaaah.......a few cents off my chest there:p
The hardest part of discharge from Guzz used to be getting your card stamped for handing your AGR in. This was due to the i/c Civvy taking a 2 hour lunch daily. Fortunately, my paybook was stamped from Culdrose "AGR returned serviceable", so within 10 minutes, I was in the RNA celebrating freedom - with the Civvy from the AGR Store !!
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