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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by JimDerDog, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. Quick one - are there any requirements about giving notice when you want to leave?
    I have had enough but dont just want to disappear, would like to go in and resign properly.
    All advice gratefully received.

  2. I assume it's fairly similar to the TA in that you submit 3 months notice and then they tell you to hand in your kit and ID card and fcuk off.

    In practice most people just send an email saying they won't be coming any more and they come in and hand all the gear back the following drill night.
  3. when i was in the RNR i handing my notice in on the 26th may then joined raleigh full time on the 30th may so i dont think there really is any requirments.
  4. 30 days' written notice with an exit interview with the CO. I know as I left recently. You remain liable for mobilisation 28 days after your resignation is accepted. Put in a letter to the CO along with a request form signed by your DO.

    You will return your ID card and AGR for sure; your mileage may vary on the rest of the kit.
  5. If you ever got issued an AGR of course. Beware however - as a Call Out Order is in force the RNR can (and does - I have know it happen to a friend of mine) reject an application to resign. It's in the small print when you sign up! Generally of course they do not but it's something to bear in mind.

    Edited to add - current Call Out Order for "Iraq and the Gulf" here.

    Amazingly, a current one for Flood Relief in the UK here.

    Can't find the one for Herrick at the moment, but you get my drift.

    Further edit - got the the Herrick one - here.
  6. From your previous posts it appears you are an Officer.

    Mess Webley is over there, you commitment-phobic mummy's boy.
  7. We don't have mess Webleys in the RN, the done thing is to simply jump off the arse end of the ship in the middle of the night while crossing the Atlantic.

    In some cases it takes weeks for anyone to even notice they have gone.
  8. Presumably their absence is noticed when widespread moral and efficiency breaks out?
  9. As he appears to be an Officer, from my letter on joining:

  10. Thanks one and all for your replies - greatly appreciated - even the less than complimentary ones...
    While 5 years may not make me a proper salty sea dog like you lot, I hope that it showed a certain amount of commitment.
    Thanks again

    The commitment-phobic mummy's boy
    PS - tried the mess webley but missed and they don't allow us near ships very often in case we break something so jumping not an option.
  11. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mate. If you need a hand, i'm a marksman. You Navy types couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo.
  12. Best of luck, JimDerDog, whenever you get bored try the HAC.

    2DD will put a good word in for you and you can then split the HAC recruiting bounty between the two of you.
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I took Leave of Absence for 12 months - when the unit contacted me with a date by which I had to return, they received my ID card along with my written resignation. My interviews, such as they were, had been conducted prior to my going on LOA; in my case I was in the process of taking up a temporary work assignment in Canada which during the 12 month period of LOA became permanent so attendance at the unit would have involved a journey of a little more than the 50 miles that pusser was happy paying!
  14. Leaving is simple. Serve 26 years or so then find something more interesting to do and go to the unit fewer and fewer times a month. Get a letter from some one you have never met in an office you have never been to down south and go down to the Unit for one last time and get offered beers by all the people who will miss you. Refuse them and buy them one insted and never go again. Worked for me. 8)

    ps. The Wardroom used to have a pair of Brownings and if there were no officers the MCMV would never have left the wall. So I supose you wouldn't notice the difference in today's RNR.

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