Leaving Regular Service & Re-joining the FTRS


War Hero
My slant is there are many advantages and disadvantages with FTRS Limited & Home Commitment, too numerous to mention.

The bottom line is if you want to be in receipt of your pension after your 22+, but remain in the mob in a non-deployable role, then you are pretty much locked-in to a mark-time rate of pay for the duration you are FTRS, capped your last day's regular service rate of pay (plus annual pay rises, if they bother giving you any).

Status as an FTRS (LC/HC) service person is peculiar as you are neither regular OR reserve and have none of the advantages such as Annual Bounty, Medical, Dental, Home to Duties, entitlement to SFA, SSSA or service accom.

Unless you get FTRS Full Commitment as a PO, working in London, you'd be better off flogging the Big Issue and protesting about climate change, frankly.