Leaving Regular Service & Re-joining the FTRS


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Did you know that if you leave Regular service with a deferred AFPS15 pension...

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Quick question @vauxhall :

Those who left the regular service on AFPS 75 and in receipt of that pension and re-employed in an FTRS role which can only be undertaken by a person with military experience are subject to pension abatement.

This abatement is a Treasury issue I understand. It caps your combined wage and pension to keep it below your last day's active service.

For example, a person leaving the RN on AFPS75 and joining the RFA would not have their pension abated as the RFA does not require prior military experience.

Now that civilians employed by Capita, with zero military experience (Earning between £45-60K p.a), undertake the exact same job job formerly and exclusively undertaken by military personnel (who earned between £30-£45K p.a), does this now mean those in receipt of AFPS75 pensions in FTRS billets, will now have their pension abatement refunded?

By way of an example, my pension has been abated for 15 years FTRS service and I currently have £500 a month deducted, before tax.