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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by FistFullOfNails, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    Been at phase two a few weeks and find it all right. Just like phase one though which was ok. Not great though, and I went home last weekend and had the time of my life. Linda realised how much I love my life back home. Did some job hunting out of curiosity and my mind just told me I've got an interview next Monday. Don't get me wrong navy is alright but the job is 28k. I won't see that much in the navy for three years at least. Along with actually treated with respect and not being treated like ab scumbag bag ab. Lol.

    If I were to pvr tommorrow would i have to come back after x mas leave? I've been reading up and I need 14 days notice. Tomo is more than 14 days. :)
  2. Supposed to be kinda instead of Linda and mum instead of mind. Fuckin touch phone
  3. Probably better to kill yourself you short-sighted throbber
  4. I'm speaking only for myself here but I'm not trying to join the navy for the money. I'm joining because I want to travel the world whilst doing an interesting and challenging job, which by all accounts can be a bit of a laugh as well as doing my bit for the greater good. Frankly the idea of being stuck in an office with all the toss that goes with it for the next thirty years would makes me want to handbutt a moving lorry. But at the end of the day its up to you whether money is the most important thing in your life or quality of life
  5. Put your notice in and become a civie.
    The RN will not miss you, may as well go now, bet you would be a real assett to any department.
    So feck off and spout the sh!t to all your mates about how you were too good for the RN and though you were asked to stay decided life was too easy
  6. money wont make you happy
  7. Tell that to your mum when she's snorting coke off my chest with the £20 notes I've paid her with. :p
  8. Cheers pal. Nope it was looking into the future that sealed me!

    Spoke to a marine seargent who'd been in ten years but said he was gonna have bro leave cos his son doesn't even know his name. A leading hand who'd been in 11 years saying he missed out on his family growing up, nephews and the like. After that and a lot more ppl I spoke to at raleigh (wife leaving them cos of tours etc) made me realise.id much rather have my own flat and more money.

    I'm not knocking the navy at all. It's ok. But when my pvr date passes and it continues to be "ok" and I'm stuck in for four years I think it'll just be one big regret. I've already missed my sisters graduation. But hey you have your life I have mine.
  9. No I'm not getting on a high horse at all. Ive worked for two companies over six years and am very qualified in my field. I'm only leaving because I enjoy being my own man too much. Think I was a bit too old tbh. Salary cut and the lifestyle still grate. It's not just that though. My family did not want me joining the armed forces at all. It created a bit of a rift and when my dad spoke to me for the first time since joining I realised he was more important to me than the navy!

    I respect the navy a lot...I just realised.I'm content sipping tea at a desk and leaving my work, at. Work, at 5pm.

    If anyone has anything constructive that'd be great :)
  10. Well thanks for taking up a place on the course which would have been more appreciated by someon else.Hope they make you pay for the kit you have been issued with,but hey you can agree to pay it back out of your 28K new job lol

    To be treated with respect whether it be in civvy street or the mob has to be earned,am afraid by looking at your post that will never happen!!
    A boring 22 year time served Jenny!!
    Both blue badge and gold badge
    Lapping up the sun in Spain
  11. It's your call mate.
    At least you'll be able to tell your kids the stories of how you spilt your coffee over your desk and ran out of paper clips once..!
  12. My dad's been in the army since 1981 and yes as a result he did miss a couple of christmas' and had the one big holiday scuppered by that twat Saddam invading Kuwait and there was always the worry that he'd get himself killed. But frankly its utter bollocks that you never get to see your family, if anything I think at times he wanted us to fcuk off and leave him alone. And considering he's done tours of Northern Ireland, Cyprus, both Gulfs, Afghanistan and Bosnia as well as the normal posts in Germany he's never missed a major occasion in my life bar a few rugby games which I just about managed to struggle through.
  13. Lego?
  14. -
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    If the RN is not for you then go now, but make up your own mind for your own reasons, don't try and sub-contract the difficult decisions to an internet forum. If you want a 9-5 job then that's your call and the RN is not for you - don't let the door hit your arse on your way out.
  16. I have something constructive for you, learn proper English usage, stop being an oxygen thief, grasp yourself by the shoulders and have a good shake, please PVR as quickly as possible so that your place can be taken by someone with more staying power and nuts than you obviously have, go on your way into civvy street and enjoy the rest of your mundane life, meanwhile the rest of us will continue to serve this country with honour and dignity whilst cnuts like you continue to dither and leech from the rest of us (as you no doubt will when you comtinue to flit from job to job, as you are obviously a malcontented mong with no ambition, staying power or moral courage).

    Now run along and do mind that the door doesn't smack you in the back of the head on your way out!
  17. Ok yes I should stay in the navy the rest of my life!

    When I decided to join the navy it took me about a year to decide. I thought id love it..instead I find it ok. I'm sure I'm not the first person to change my mind so get over it!

    I still think the navy is cool. However I love my family and friends to pieces and from speaking to ppl who have been in 10years plus it feels like I'm chosing between my family and the navy. I'm sure ALL serving personnel have wrestled with this decision at some point in their career. I simply have chosen my family.

    Now stop the hate mail just cos I want to leave :p
  18. NO, you shouldnt, you should go as soon as is practicably possible in order that someone else can take your place, bye now, see ya :cya: :wave:
  19. What's your trade?
  20. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Fine, I respect this decision... now stop agonising about.

    I think you misunderstand... the abuse is not solely because you want to leave; its come about as a result of you airing your doubts in public seeminly looking for reassurance from others! Make a decision and get on with living with the consequences of having made this decision, just stop going on about it!

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