leaving it late-what are my chances

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lister185, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi all just looking for some advice, i have spent many years trying to find what i wanted to do in life.
    My dad was in the Navy many years ago and he suggested i look at joining, as a youngster i of course ignored him.
    I looked about 4 years ago and decided against it due to lot happening with my current job and family and i will be honest got to settled to change.
    I am now 34 (just) and really want to forge a career in the navy and learn a trade and advance as quickly as possible.
    I dont have any school qualifications but am very hardworking and commit to anything i take on 100%, what are my chances of getting into the R/N?
    Any suggested career paths would be appreciated.
    I like photography,computers, mountaineering and all things active not to big on diving though.
  2. Hello Lister, I went to join the RN in 1986 and was bounding with enthusiasm but failed the medical due to injury and told to re-apply a minimum of 18 months later.

    I found myself a job with good career prospects (still with the intentions of reapplying 18months later, but indeed got caught in the 'then' dazzling promotion prospects (at least to a youngish lad) in my career early on and never went back to the careers office, family & financial commitments) 20 years later I still carry that RN if only I ... (and don't care much for the same career I joined 20 years ago.)

    I'm a little older than you and the moral of my story is that during your life:-
    1. You make good decisions that you can be proud of.
    2. You make mistakes that you can learn from.
    3. You have regrets that you can't go back on.

    The 3rd one applies to me with regard to the RN.

    There are several posts in here from 'more mature' people in their 30's joining.

    Good luck, go for it.

    Hope this helps
  3. Hi mate!

    I'm sure you'll have zounds of advice shortly from men and women more experienced than me!

    But I'll add my 2 cents lol!

    I'm 20 and looking to join! My father too suggested that I join years ago when I was 13!

    I went in the Army at 17 though and made the mistake of getting a bird before going in - But I'm glad because I realize that the Navy is the better option for me, with all due respect to the Army! So I too want to join!

    Regarding your situation of being 34.... the Navy has a limit of 36 so they obviously feel that 34 year olds are fit to join and are NOT too old!

    Although if you're thinking of it, I'd go about it now as it takes a year to join and you could fail initially to get in (It happens in the worse case scenario)... don't want to put a dampener on it mate, but you should get cracking and it's better to be warned now than leaving it later to find out the hard way - I.e. Being too old to join!

    Get to your local careers office mate and get stuck in - I hope I get to join, there's bugger all around civvy street for us no-qualification folk! :D
  4. Hi Creddly

    Good luck with your application too.

    I just got caught in the financial traps early on and had to sit it out, however I have met a few ex-matelots who have joined the company and they are really worthy guys who I have pleasure in working with.

    You will find great advice here, I have had many submarine questions answered and have more to post..

    Get to the careers office and start the ball rolling, don't end up an old codger like me wishing salty to throw buckets over him.
  5. Thanks mate! Will do!

    I can understand what it must be like being caught up in a nice job with perks of good pay and future promotion!

    But I'll start all over again if I have to and be completely skint - As long as I can get in the Navy lol!

    Well I'm going for a demo on Friday, it's nothing serious although I'll be applying while I'm there!

    What makes me nervous is the fact that you find out if you get in through a bloody letter instead of face-to-face with an officer unlike the Army!

    I can see it now, having my letter at 7:30am (Early post here) and not opening it until I go to bed at night lol!
  6. right mate quick advice from a youngen...

    when i joined up in 2005 i went though with a fella named dylan 33 yrs old and pissed over most of us youngens you wanna do it go to the AFCO and get all the info and get it done.

    Your Not In Till you signed the contract in your first few days.


    thats a link to FAQ and i have only just found out that the latest you can go in is upto your 37th birthday it was 33yrs old last year...


    thats the main link for the royal navy and below are some links for you to crack on with.

    recruit training


    the whole site gives loads of info but like i tell anyone who asks me go into your AFCO and crack on with gettin the info

  7. I just love these shellbacks :D
  8. thanks all you guys, i will get down to my afco office and see what they have got to say.
  9. That's the way mate - Get stuck in there!!! :twisted:
  10. At age 34 you will be one of the more mature guys. Use it to your advantage, don't try and act like a teenager. Maturity normally shows and is welcomed by the instructors
  11. I agree with Slim, we've recently had a new guy join our ship in his early 30's and although it can be a bit tough to start with being around much younger guys, you will be treated better by others in your mess.
    Go for it, don't regret not even trying it.
  12. Lister, i think the hardest thing for you will be going back to being told what to do, and not to question authority. At 34, perhaps you have been used to questioning things, or maybe you have even been the authority. That aside, other things may seem easier to you than the younger ones. Cleaning and ironing, for example.
    Having said all this, everyone's in the same boat to begin with.

    As for 'chances', i'd say they were pretty high, higher even than young people's. You're probably going to be, on the whole, more sure of what you want in life. Maybe even more appreciative of the chances you have.

    Good luck with it, i reckon they'd snap you up!
  13. Cheers for that i totally agree, i would look at moving through the ranks asap.
  14. Hi Lister,

    I have just done it at 39yrs old, although the RNR, but like yourself had various commitments, job, family etc, but I also had regrets of not joining many moon's ago, but I have done it, and I am so very pleased at making my dream come true, even for an old man!!!!, so go for it my young 34yr old chappy, do it if thats what you really want.
    Some basic pointers
    Get your fitness up to scratch.
    Speak to all your close family, inform them of what you want to do.
    Set your goals out and aim for them.
    You also have age on your side, as some of the others have said, you are more mature and have some of lifes every day happenings under your belt.

    Best of luck, let me know how you get on.
    RB, :)
  15. I may be wrong but did not a 39 year old WREN sailor not pass out of training earlier this year, as a Steward if i remember right?
  16. When you have joined and completed your part 1 & part 2 training, do not sit back and relax. The RN has a good educational system. You are going to need GCSEs for promotion. Take full advantage of the system I took my GCE O level maths and English when I was about 34/35. From there I completed my ONC in telecommunications using day release to my local technical college. The navy educational grant covered almost all my fees.
    So good luck to you and make the most of any opportunities offered
  17. Good point slim!

    If I get in I will definitely be taking advantage of the Education the Navy offers!

    I have been buggered since I left school without GCSEs and I just hope this doesn't stop me from getting in!

    Slim, is it just Mathematics and English GCSEs you can do, or can you do a good few? - Presumably these will have to be done after your trade training, correct?
  18. In my day the GCE O levels could be taken at any time. However I would advise concentrating on part1 & part2 training before starting your O levels.
    I lucky because as a wafoo (fleet air arm rating) I frequently served at large air stations which always had a resident schoolie (I don't know if they still do). Concentrate on attaining maths and English initially as these will help in most other subjects. Two favourites when I served where naval history and General studies. Most of the guys reckoned as long as you read the papers general studies was a gift. I would expect in this day and age that most further education is now be carried by distance learning. Ask when you join.
  19. Will do thanks mate!

    Also, I'll definitely wait until I pass part 1 + 2 before embarking on GCSEs lol!

    But basically, IF I get in and IF I pass my part 1 + 2, I'll definitely be taking every opportunity to further myself!
  20. Yes that's what I said. problem was I forgot & spent the next 14 years enjoying myself and partying before I knew it I was in my 30s with no civie qualifications.

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