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Leaving gift

One of the chiefs in my section is leaving the mob in the coming weeks and having done a whip round I'd like to get her a decent gift to remember her time. I've seen people receive framed cartoons of matelots going ashore with kitbags but I've no idea where they come from, could anyone point me in the right direction or suggest something else that would fit the bill? Cheers!


War Hero
If you are in the Gosport/Pompey area, try Andrew Wing in The Stoke Gallery. He does prints and originals at very fair prices of all kinds of predominately RN and RM stuff. I have several.

Edited to add linky! Here:


War Hero
If this is, as I think, what you're on about then SB is absolutely right. Stoke Gallery in Gosport is the place to go.


I recently left a job after 3 1/2 years and got presented with a very nice engraved port decanter & glasses.


War Hero
I will probably die half way through a night shift so they'll probably put me in with the classified waste and I'll get burned. Whip-round sorted.


Book Reviewer
The silhouettes you describe are as other have said from Andy Wing at Stokes Bay Gallery, superb gifts and you can customise them. Expect to pay about £50-60, with a week turn around. Andy is top bloke.

I've used the above a lot and also started using

Quite different, a friend left he mob recently and we did a silhouette for him and his current unit (not in the UK) wanted a 'British' gift, so I suggested a T23 in this style. It was lovely.

There is also a company doing mens bedside boxes, for watches, cufflinks and all that paraphernalia that litters the bedside table. They engrave a ships/unit crest on top.
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