Leaving for Raleigh soon, what is everyones weaknesses?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by richardgriffiths, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. I am leaving on the 28th (4 days) and was wondering what are everyones biggest weakness regarding the fitness for basic training? i know these are the requirements

    2.4km Run: 12.20 (down to 11.13 after week 5 of training) for under 25's
    23 pressups
    39 sit ups
    Swimming Test (Tread Water for 2 minutes and swim 50 Meters in overals)

    ive always been into more weight training and can find the swimming,sit ups and pressups a piece of pi** for what they are asking for. my weakness is running and always has been, i weigh about 14.5 stone so aint the lightest person running but should be able to with practice get my runing down to 11 mins when in, teadmills piss me off..
    does anyone else know wether the running tests at raleigh are also done on tredmills or all outside/on a track?

    what is everone elses weakness?
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  6. I am much the same as you Richard, love hitting weights and loathe running of any kind.

    It isn't a weakness of mine, I passed my PJFT in 10 mins 10 secs which isn't bad with verry little training. I am naturally quite fit but find running mind numbingly dull!

    Good mental persevarance and some preparation should see you through, I find cardio easier when in a pair or group and find my times increase when pushed on by others, such as what you will experience at Raleigh.

    Good luck you will be fine!

  7. It used to be done on the astroturf at Raleigh and around the parade ground at Collingwood, don't know if any of this has changed though in the last few years.
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  12. Be aware that Raleigh has now applied a new policy to fitness failures. 2 recruits were recently discharged after 8 days of training due to poor PJFT times. Any recruit who fails this run will be subject to removal from training if they are deemed a risk.

    It is best to turn up and pass the RNFT time immediately as this will stand you in good stead for the rest of training.

    The current weak points of training are the recruits personal organisation. Many recruits turn up with no ironing / hand washing / sewing skills. Take charge of your iron prior to arriving and life will be a whole lot easier. Further from that fitness is the other concern. Push ups / sit ups are being done incorrectly at home leading to a false belief in their actual ability.

    The run is done on the astro turf. Failure to pass the PJFt time means you shall be placed on remedials, thus eating into your time in the evening that you need for kit maintenance.

    Finally, a keen atitude with a will to work hard and commit yourself fully will ensure training is as pleasurable as can be!
  13. really?? after 8 days? i thought u got 3 attempts for the run :S hmm well i think il be ok if i push myself on the day, im gonna get a lot of practice in my remaining days, i could do it outside i recon i just hate tredmills and i seem to get such a crap time on them
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  15. I'm much the same; running just isnt my thing, most of my training is done as part of martial arts, so I dont think that push ups/ sit ups will be a problem.

    Other weaknesses- I'm a sucker for a gadget, which is half of where the handle came from.

    And will someone please ensure that N_S and Ballistic never enter the same room, as they risk entering an infinite loop and busting the ozone layer!
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