Leaving / Entering Harbour Routines

Discussion in 'History' started by trelawney126, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. HMS Stayner, circa WW2 used to play "Post Horn Gallop" when leaving harbour, and "Return of the Gladiators" over the main broadcast when entering harbour.
    Sweepers in Singapore used to wear sarongs.
    HMS Eskimo had a chap dressed in Innuit rig stand atop of the ships musket.
    Any others worthy of note? .
  2. Devonshire used to have the Fire Alarm going off just about level with Round Tower ... only then they found out that it was the butcher washing down the beef screen using the fire main ... drop in fire main pressure = fire alarm!
  3. AFD 60 (Faslane for the unknowing) used to play the Monty Python theme over the speakers when she was ballasting down.
  4. HMS Tartar 2nd commission used to play Yellow Bird.
  5. Ship Entering Harbour.jpg Ship entering harbour,:wink:, The routine as I remember involved a lot of shouting for fenders,:lol:
  6. The only dit I have is, when entering Durban harbour, this old bird was stood on the end of the spit singing in every pussers wagon, she was known as the lady in white, she was there when we went in bout '68ish, probably did it in gratitude for being slipped a blue liner by Jack sometime. Never allowed up top myself, though the skipper once asked me to rig up speakers on the fin to play Thin Lizzys, the boys are back in town after a run to the states.
  7. The Chilean Navy bought HMS Lynx renamed it Lynch and when entering harbour play Scottish bagpipe music over the tannoy.
    When I asked the reason they stated that the ship had been built in Scotland.

  8. HMS Cardiff used to do this thing where we'd turn around almost immediately and go back alongside because it was always fucked. All to the tune of the skipper doing his nut.
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  9. Entering Auckland harbour in company with Hms Achilles, the seaman got blacked up in Maori costumes, went on top of the bridge , and did the Haka to the music. For all the old boys and families waiting on the jetty who had served on HMNZS Achilles :wink:
  10. One of our squadron Killick aircrewies, (829 NAS) used to dress up as an Admiral, One large gold ring plus 8 singles as I remember. Went by the name of Griff I think, can't remember what ship, (poss Bachante), he was on but it was Stanaforlant.

    Always stood on the bridge roof and took the salute!!!!
  11. Jack doing the Hakka?
    Fuckin hell I bet that was a Bugis street moment.
  12. Coming alongside in Kotka, Finland, the skipper borrowed this tune from my collection and played it over the main broadcast.

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  13. When we entered harbour in Aurora, we went to harbour stations, and any ****** who had ever seen us enter before went to panic stations.
    We hit more ships than the Graf Spee.
  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    A mate of my mate, did the Haka in front of the All Blacks in Boobs when they came to Guzz to play the combined services in 93, brave or stupid, you decide.
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Brocklesby, the last of the Hunts, used to sound off on a hunting horn as she came alonbgside in Portland early 60s.

    Tiger 1st commission 1959-60, the RM Band used to play Tiger Rag.
  16. The All Blacks went into Boobs? Definitely brave :grin:
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  17. Wonder what they played after shooting down one of our own helicopters in 82?? AAWO was a knob his career didn't exactly go ballistic after that.
  18. Depends on how they viewed it. Compliment no probs, but the last encounter I had with a kiwi who happened to be a Maori very near ended in a bad way for him.
    Yeah he nearly got done for my murder, but I had the brilliant idea of acting dead. Well 50% of it wasn't acting.
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  19. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    They weren't happy bu all accounts, the lad in question recognised them and went up to Sean Fitzpatrick to ask for an autograph, which he declined as the lads had played and were now on down time relaxing, cue the piss take Haka. Wish I'd been there to see it, second hand dit sadly.
  20. I remember Brocklesby coming alongside in Portland.. skipper used to wear a huntsmans hat....sounding his 'tally ho' horn.

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