Leaving an apprenticeship to join?

Discussion in 'Joining the Royal Navy' started by vin1999, Aug 23, 2016.

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  1. Hi, I went to AFCO last week and it got me really excited to join. I'm 17 and starting an apprenticeship just for something to do for however long the application process takes (According to my careers advisor the role I'm applying for would be about 6 months until I get a start date). But I'm doing the apprenticeship literally only so I'm not sat at home all day until join, I'll just be sat in an office until I join the RN...

    So theoretically if I did apply tomorrow and everything went smoothly, and I passed through all of the application process, what would the Navy's opinion on me leaving the apprenticeship early? Would they encourage me to stick with the full 12 months of the apprenticeship or would they be fine with me quitting it to join as soon as I can? I can definitely understand why they would want me to stick with it but hopefully they would also realise how enthusiastic I am to join.
  2. Stick with what you are doing, it may take longer than 6 months, so no harm in learning some new skills before you join.
  3. It depends on what the apprenticeship is.
    If it is a course leading to recognised qualifications which are valued by prospective employers it may be worth completing it, if you are lucky and it is recognised by the RN you may even be able to join as a direct entry PO.
    Check with your AFCO.
    However the government has encouraged companies to take on apprentices for many and varied jobs, many of these which lead to skills not wanted by other employers. Apprentices are cheap and the pay far less than the minimum wage, employers love them for this reason.
    Talk with your AFCO then make your mind up.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The service is looking for that elusive quality..."stickability".

    Why? Because we seek people with the tenacity to fight & win, so we look for evidence that an individual will not wrap.

    Anyone wanting to quit their job before actually having a provisional offer of service in their hand is advised not to jump without a parachute.
  5. I agree 100% ,nine times out of ten it's same on job training that came with full time employment in the past but now with holiday pay.sick pay taken away and guarantee of a job at the end . My advice to @vin1999 is if your employer is decent and hours are as well stick to it. If not still stick to it for a bit it's easier to get another job while being still employed best advice my uncle has given me shame I didn't listen to him....
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  6. It wouldn't be a case of quitting it before I've actually got a place, I would only quit once I have a start date at HMS Raleigh. In my head I know it would be worth doing the whole 12 months of the apprenticeship, but I'm just so eager to join and I want to join as fast as can...
  7. Yeah I haven't started an apprenticeship just yet so I can't comment on whether the employer is decent and what the working conditions are like, however I think I will be doing just a business admin. one for a small company so I'm fairly certain it's just a case of them using the government apprenticeship scheme as a way to get someone in to answer the phone and photocopy stuff for virtually nothing, which I am fine with seeing as I'm just using it as something to do and maybe improve some personal skills until I join the Navy.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    vin my understanding is that you can, at any time, delay your entry date. It would make sense to take up the apprenticeship and plod on, it might be that you have completed it before your RN date comes in, if not you could ask for the entry date to be deferred until you have finished. Good luck.

    You posted whilst I was typing so it would depend on how useful the apprenticeship is to you.
  9. Thanks, yeah ultimately it does depend on which apprenticeship I get. One of the apprenticeships that I have an interview for is with a local IT company but I would go to the UK Microsoft HQ for a two day induction and then spend the year learning all about servers and networks... This one would be pretty much perfect seeing as though I want to be a CT haha, so I'd definitely stick with the whole 14 months of that one if I get it. However if I only get a business admin one at a local company where I would just be photocopying and answering calls not really learning anything special that's the sort of apprenticeship that I would leave once I have completed the application process for the RN.
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  10. My friend who is a CT said they normally only have 3 intakes per year for there branch so it might be worth sticking with the apprenticeship while doing the recruitment process side by side.

    Good luck none the less with whatever choice you take!
  11. Hedge your bets, and do the apprenticeship, though I am puzzled as to 1 year app.what is it Barista? handy if your joining as a steward.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There is a whole different thread here, a lot of what are now being called apprenticeships are in fact work experience schemes, doctored to look better and so attract government grants and enable employers to pay low wages.
  13. Thank goodness for that; I thought it was just me. A 14 month 'apprenticeship'! An apprenticeship was always nothing less than 3 years and you came out qualified to make or mend stuff, not photocopy things and make coffee. Jeez, I really am getting old :-(
  14. You can still do 3-4 years in a apprenticeship since it's broken down into 3 levels, after you done a level 2 advanced apprenticeship people are advise to work a year then come back to do level 3 I don't know why.

    Anyway I made a thread on the whole subject.
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