Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by popeye21, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Sorry for all the questions but i am gettin rather nervous one would say now as i start on 01/02/2009

    I Have my briefing at the AFCO on 11/12/2008 but many questions are entering my head already and i would appreciate it if anyone had the answers.

    I was just wondering how much time we get between the initial 9 weeks training and the next stage of training, and do we get to come home or go abroad on hol etc????

    Thanks in advance
  2. :laughing6: :laughing6: :laughing6:
  3. Depends mate, sometimes half-term falls between training or if you are really lucky, the six weeks summer holiday could kick in ;)
  4. If your lucky and you really do well under training you might win a holiday!

    Your next big leave will be Easter prob?
  5. Easter leave falls nine weeks after you join, so all being well you will have two week's leave on passing out. If you get back-classed (training-extended to use the new fluffy phrase) you will still go on leave, but when you eventually do pass out you will probably be granted no more than a long weekend prior to joining your new unit.

    Whether or not you go abroad on holiday is entirely up to you (with obvious restrictions).
  6. Jah hear there.........Leave.........Leave your civvies in your locker, there ain't no feckin leave!
  7. Overall you get 38 days leave a year including public holidays which is pretty good by some civilian standards (unless you compare it with university). You also qualify for extra leave if you're in a sea-going unit or after an Operational Tour of Duty.

    Those under training tend to benefit from additional time out if their instruction clashes with half term or school holidays (as suggested above).

  8. During the attestation you will have to go through the passport burning ritual so the answer to your question is you will never be able to leave the UK ever again unless its with Pusser.
    Leave is for mincers anyway.

    Kiss your life goodbye.....
  9. Depends, if we're talking about once you get out of training,w ill you be pinged for easter/summer/xmas duties..............not as bad as it sounds :w00t:

    Going on hoilday, don't be silly, pusser won't allow anyone any fun whatso EVER...............ok, I'm lying!

    Remb, there is no suck thing as a stupid question, just a stupid answet :thumright:
  10. hey all, i'm about to go on draft to wittering and i've not had any decent answers on whether we need to book Easter leave or whether its the same as my current base(Sultan)where its already allocated. can anyone help? :?:
  11. :withstupid:

    I'm sure someone can help. Try Wittering !!
  12. Is Wittering a Training Establishment mate? I only ask because I've never heard of it, plus training establishments HAVE to set leave dates in stone (for trainees, anyway) otherwise it would be a clusterfeck.
    If Wittering IS a training establishment then you should be able to ask your current DO to look into leave dates etc for you. If it isn't, then your joining letter (sent to you by your new DO/DSR) should have contact details and other information like leave etc on it.
  13. I think he is a Woo Lammers. Wittering is RAF Wittering. When I was at RAF Honington on Buccaneers the Royal Naval Unit used to take block leave, the RAF used to have grants and then took their leave in addition when they wanted to.
    When I was at RAF Boscombe Down on a small Tri service unit we used to play both systems against each other, leave was magic. :w00t:
  14. Ahh that makes sense! :)
    Would he be going there for continuation training then?
  15. I would expect so, when I finished Daedalus in 63 I went to RNAS Lossiemouth for my continuation training (QM & QS). As we no longer have many Air stations I suppose some training now has to be carried out at crab air.
  16. i'm going to RAF Wittering for phase 2B training QM & QS as slim mentioned. the reason i ask is because my DO was unsure and since it's been a while since getting bk to me, thought i could get a faster response on here :D thx for the help everyone

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