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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jonno_0002, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. I join the navy on 22nd July.
    Ive just been for my pre-joining brief and the advisor 'thought' that Raleigh would be broken up by 4 weeks summer leave from 3rd August to 3rd September - and said it would be confirmed at Raleigh. This would mean I would go to Raleigh for 2 weeks, come home for 4 and then go back for 6 more weeks (unfit as my gym membership has been cancelled now).
    Ive heard off people that have been in before who got 2 weeks leave, or 3 weeks max.
    Is it really the case that i will get 4 weeks, as it p!sses me off a little bit. I would rather get basic training out of the way and plod on into the navy, keeping fit all the way!

    Can anyone help?


  2. You'll get 3 weeks leave around the 2nd week in August. As for keeping fit you don't need a gym membership. As long as there are streets for you to pound you will be fine. As you will see the most physical side of things you will be doing isrunning, so stick to that and it's free.

    Remember you might want to finish basic training all in one go, but the instructors also need time off.
  3. I'd heard that as well, and time for the dumb question - apologies, but do we take our leave at Raleigh or do we travel home wherever that may be? Just one of my best mates is getting married back end of August, and i presumed that it would be 8 straight weeks at Raleigh and not able to make it... (I start July 15th) - Cheers.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Correct. 4 weeks paid leave.

    What has having a gym membership got to do with whether you can keep yourself fit of not? You have to maintain the Pre-Joining Fitness Programme whilst on leave. Membership won't keep you fit - exercise will.

    Yes, you can postpone your entry date if you wish, but you'll go to the bottom of the waiting list.
  5. I had an amazing send off from the lads the night before I joined.

    Two weeks later, I was home for 3 weeks Easter Leave.

    It cost me a fortune buying them all beer, and the piss taking.....!
  6. Be it 3 or 4 weeks paid leave take it mate, just keep up the fitness go for a run each day and don't get too drunk drunk, think of it this way it's paid, you get to see your family and friends, what's wrong with that?, beats waiting longer.

    I'm expecting my join date to be around Christmas if that's the case I'll get a few weeks of then and i think it will be a nice breaks although will just have to cut down on the holiday drinking lol.
  7. Yup - FOUR weeks paid leave...this is because Raleigh works on bank holidays (well, most of them anyway!) so we get an extra week off in the summer - which is nice.

    Oh and BTW, you're not allowed to be pi$$ed off yet - you're not even in the gene pool yet!! :threaten:
  8. I can't believe anyone would be pissed off about getting a 4 week paid holiday 2 weeks after starting a new job.

    It's a pretty good deal in my eyes.
  9. I am joining on the 22nd of July and was told I would get three weeks leave for the summer, it is 3 weeks pay for going home and seeing family / friends and all you need to do is keep up your level of fitness so i intend to go running every day!!

    I had a choice to go for a later date but was told after September basic training is being extended by another week, so figured a break would be better. Also after posting a message asking for a little advice 99% of people who answered on here who had gone through the training said to take the break as it will be appreciated.

    see you there jonno
  10. yea i will do Xav28! Well be it 3 or 4, its gotta b better than postponing it! Cheers everybody. Very helpful.
  11. .. and lost soul! U make me feel very lucky to have my leave in the summer! I wouldnt survive christmas on a healthy diet with no beer... not a chance!!! Good luck though mate, and cheers.

  12. I'll be drinking just in moderation and the more i drink the more ill have to work out to burn it off lol

    That's if it is the case of it as that was just an estimated date might have it done before could be after will hopefully know in a month or so.
  13. In Naval mathematics this equation works out thus;

    2 Weeks training + 3/4 weeks paid leave = CHEERS EASY!

    Make the most of it amigo cos it doesn't happen that often, oh and good luck.
  14. hey everyone, this question is kind of off my parents more than me, i'm starting my basic 11th nov, and since basic is 8 weeks that kind of runs past christmas, is there a break at some point or do we steamroller through the 8 weeks,i'd rather get it all out of the way,mind you paid holdiday isn't such a bad thing i'm just anxious to get stuck in!!!
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Raleigh stops training over Xmas & New Year also. You'll have about two weeks paid leave, then finish off your 9 weeks basic training.

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