Leave during basic training

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by evo360, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. I was wondering how much leave you get during phase 1. Just that it worrys me a little that the training will be broken up too much with weekends off here and there. All I can find is that there is 'regular' weekend leave. Can anyone elaborate?
  2. I've never come across anybody who conceptualises or thinks about Royal Marines Commando training in a manner akin to a training regime set up by those poseurs one finds in a Fitness Centre.

    RM training is nothing like that because RM training is not just about physical training. And even the physical aspect is not fully spelt out in terms of a programme. The programmed part of the phys takes linear form but it doesn't incorporate the hundreds of press-ups you will suddenly find yourself doing, or the amount of running, firemans lifts, shoot-to-kill exercises and crawling you have to do between point X and point Y or the amount of ... you get the picture ..

    As well as the physical aspect of training there is the 'mental' side of training. This mental training is very very important, and from that there is 'no time out'. Mentally, you will be fully immersed in training, as the training team attempt to enculturate you into the Corp, it's history, its traditions, it's know how and the here-and-now of being a Royal Marine.

    There is, in the early days, and in a very real sense, no distinction between training and not-training. 'Time off' will be training: thinking about what you have done, what you have to do tonight and do tomorrow; thinking about what time you have to be in your grot, what you have to do to your grot; thinking about how Junior Marine or Recruit X keeps messing up such that your arms and legs are falling off; thinking about how this bloody section is going to act in such and such a situation; thinking 'what the heck is going on?' How come I keep getting picked up in the morning on parade? Why can't I seem keep up in the gym anymore? .. etcetera etcetera.

    It doesn't cease at weekends either because you will always have loads to do and you are unlikely to get out of the gate until you have done certain things, prepared for certain things, and so on and so forth.

    Even come Christmas or other extended leave periods you will not be able to 'escape'. You will find yourself fretting that you're not runing far enough or that you're not doing enough circuits in the mud, etc. You might even find that you and your civvie mates have moved on and now have little to talk about with each other. Best case scenario? You will be caught shagging his missus :biggrin:

    What leave was or where it fitted into the course or what I would do during it was never at the forefront of my mind. Nor, in the very early days, was it at the front of the minds of any of the recruits we trained. We made sure of that :)

    Please don't worry about leave. Worry instead about all the shit you are going to get and how hard it is going to be :)

    So don't worry about leave affecting your training, just try and enjoy it when you get it. :thumright:

    Edited for clarity.
  3. Yes, several of the sports pyschologists, nutritionists, TOs, PT&SOs, PWs, PTIs and others that have designed , evaluated, redesigned and conducted the very well established course that is run in CTW. But of course when you said "training" you were merely refering to the PT. As HB has clearly pointed out, the daily PT programme is only part of the Phys you will be doing. It is overseen by an experienced team and is designed to raise you to the required standard for the part of training you are in. As part of that process your stamina, endurance and tenacity are also tested and improved.

    As to the question is there any leave; CTCRM runs block leave at Easter, Summer and Christmas. There is what is laughingly called a long weekend at week 12(?).

    Please, please let me here you say "no thanks, I don't want the weekend off, it'll disrupt my schedule" at around week 6!!

  4. Ha Ha .. Top post, IMD :w00t:
  5. "Yes, I'll take a weekend of extra Drill, please."
  6. I'm still a little bemused that you guys get leave at all.

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