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Leather Poppy


War Hero
Hi Stirlin - mine has arrived, I asked for someone from the RN who has fallen in WW1 and I have received

AB A S Richer
Died 22 March 1918
Commemorated at the Chatham Naval Memorial
Where my granddaughter lives - I will be paying him my respects

found this
Service Number SS/5621
Died 22/03/1918
Aged 24
H.M.S. "Gaillardia."
Royal Navy
Son of James Richer, of 54, Couthurst Rd., Blackheath, London.

On 22 March 1918, the British sloop HMS Gaillardia, built by Blyth Shipbuilding in 1917, struck a British laid mine in the Northern Barrage, Pentland Firth. 93 hands were lost, including Captain Shafer.

Recommend these to all on here


War Hero
Found this about your man:

Service Number J/8019

Died 31/05/1916

Aged 21

H.M.S. "Black Prince."
Royal Navy

Son of Charles Alfred and Martha Florence Dolphin, of "St. Heliers," Barton Rd., Artarmon, New South Wales, Australia. Born at Portsmouth, England.

Battle of Jutland - The German battleship Thüringen fixed Black Prince in her searchlights and opened fire. Up to five other German ships, including the battleships Nassau, Ostfriesland, and Friedrich der Grosse, joined in the bombardment, with return fire from Black Prince being ineffective. Most of the German ships were between 750 and 1,500 yards (690 and 1,370 m) of Black Prince[15] — effectively point-blank range for contemporary naval gunnery. The ship was hit by at least twelve heavy shells and several smaller ones,[16]sinking within 15 minutes. There were no survivors from her crew, all 857 being killed.


War Hero
Thanks for that Dusty , never requested an ex RN for remembrance certificate , having read the account of his demise am lost for words.

Agree with Dusty , recommended to all site members.
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