Learning to live with Big Brother

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Karma, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. I referred to the first in a series of articles by the economist in this thread.

    The second article, about surveillance and government intrusion, was published last week, here

    IT USED to be easy to tell whether you were in a free country or a dictatorship. In an old-time police state, the goons are everywhere, both in person and through a web of informers that penetrates every workplace, community and family. They glean whatever they can about your political views, if you are careless enough to express them in public, and your personal foibles. What they fail to pick up in the café or canteen, they learn by reading your letters or tapping your phone. The knowledge thus amassed is then stored on millions of yellowing pieces of paper, typed or handwritten; from an old-time dictator's viewpoint, exclusive access to these files is at least as powerful an instrument of fear as any torture chamber. Only when a regime falls will the files either be destroyed, or thrown open so people can see which of their friends was an informer.
  2. This is exactly what happened in Spain under and after the Franco dictatorship.
    Files were thrown open, mass graves exhumed and sadly families torn apart because of the information found at. A lot of files were also destroyed.
    To this day many Spaniards are wary of authority and treat the police, even the relatively innocuous local police, with suspicion. Many older people are still unwilling to discuss the past or engage in any kind of reminiscing.
    This was so ingrained that the Government introduced the 'Pacto de olvido' the agreement to forget. There would be no further witch hunts, no more prosecutions for crimes committed etc.
    An elderly neighbour when in Barcelona will still not to this day, walk past or look up at Montjuic Castle, the scene of countless excecutions even up untill the early 1970's.
    My reason for living here is that my mother came from Bilbao, she was hounded out of the country for being a republican, fleeing to the UK for safety. Before this she moved to Barcelona but even there, in the republican stronghold she was not safe from informers.
    She was never during her lifetime able to return to her home country; that privilege was left to her children.
    Coming to think of it both my parents fled to England to escape some sort of oppression. My father, poverty in Ireland and my mother possible death by remaining in Spain.
    When people these days complain about immigrants I can generally see another side!
  3. What I find remarkable about all of this, is that it won't be the bad guys or the criminal element which will be targeted, the higher ups will of course use that as an excuse for the funding and implementation, but the criminals with all of the funds that are available can counter a lot of this, so why is it being put in place....to control the public.

    I made a comment on the other thread about RFID's, this will be the future, all that is needed is to have this implanted at birth, and over time, everyone will have one, or something better will be in place.

    Even then those that want to circumvent this will find a way, not all criminal elements lack for behind the scenes political support, most of the Soviet mafia are ex-KGB thugs, and they have the information, and so can use it to their advantage.

    Future surveillance and data collection will be for only one purpose and that is instant census, and control.

    I was amazed when I first read about your CCTV's that have speakers in them so some disembodied voice can tell you to pick up that cigarette you just tossed on the ground or to stop scratching your ass, soon it will be "You, yes you...I just saw you pick your nose in contravention of code 146, please stay where you are, the police/nose unit are enroute your location"...ffs....really shameful, if this is the road we are all going down...apathetic... :threaten:

    Hopefully at some point, the citizens can reclaim their civil liberties...

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