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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Spry, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. Very soon i'll be signing up as a warfare specialist for her majestys naval service :twisted: And foreign languages is kinda "my thang". I know that communication technicians (or something like that) can learn arabic and / or russian, is it possible for a warfare specialist to do the same?

    oh also im 6'11. I always wanted to join the submarines, but that would be a stupid idea for someone my height. Do you guys know many tall guys in the subs?


    (ps, im a noob)
  2. Did you say 6FOOT 11 INCHES?
    If so, can I have a couple of inches please, it won't hurt.

    You're gonna struggle with your feet sticking out of your bunk mate.

    As for languages, you can learn any language you want, linguaphone do pretty much every language these days but how much time away from cleaning you're going to get to learn it is another thread entirely :)
  3. Ive been told its possible to do long distance courses etc while on a submarine, through the OU. They run language courses, as many other companies do, im sure that the navy contribute something towards these costs of gaining extra qualifications.

    Just my two cence,

  4. 6 feet and 11 whole inches. And all in proportion :D My dad was a chief petty officer on a nuclear sub and was 6'2, he had enough trouble!

    this linguaphone you speak of... its within the navy isnt it? I COULD buy material and stuff, but thought i might be able to get some for free in the Navy. This not possible as a warfare specialist?
  5. No mate it isn't. If you want to learn a language then you have to do it yourself, although you CAN take IGCSE courses through the pusser for free. Not sure if languages are part of the listed courses though. Bear in mind though that if you have a language of a certain standard (Spanish A Level for example) then you CAN be employed onboard as an interpreter when foreign which does accrue some extra pay. Bit of a double edged sword though, as you will be duty bloody interpreter/signwriter for the whole time. :)
  6. There are plenty of opportunites to study in the mob, whether you're General Service or Submarines. As a Warfare Specialist (SM) I doubt the Navy will go out of its way to teach you a foreign language. Not really too important to be honest. If you wanted to learn for your own benefit then I believe you can sign out the 'Rosseta Stone' CDs from education centres at no cost. I'm sure somebody once told me they were brilliant for learning languages.

    On the height issue. If 6'11 wasn't a typo then I wouldn't bother with boats. You really will find it uncomfortable. I suspect you might find the racks on a ship a bit short. 6'1 is more manageable, although on a boat you'll hit your head more often than I do. But then I'm not freakishly tall. :thumbleft:
  7. ahhhhhh shit ok. whats "pusser"? Arabic is my first choice, think its a beautifal language. A little wierd i know
  8. Pusser - Term used by matelots for the RN
  9. If you already have the languages, the best thing to do is to contact the Language guys (based in Portsmouth/Beaconsfield) and see if your quals suffice or if you have to sit the MODLEB exams. Learning languages for yourself, though, is best done through the many OU courses/language schools. MoD will not pay for you to do them, although there may be educational credits once you're in that you can use to reduce the price of the course.

    Overall, contact the language guys at Pompey for advice. You're Education Officer on board will also point you in the right direction. Usually, though, you'll only sit a MoD course if you are about to start a job that needs it (e.g. Intel, Embassy Staff, etc).
  10. If you're just looking to learn the languages then the education centre in Portsmouth used to have Linguaphone packs you could draw to use whilst away. OU and other educational opportunities are there and there is funding to help with that, although you'll have to put something to it yourself.

    If you want to be employed as a linguist then there is a posting available at Beaconsfield that allows that. The challenge you'll have is being permitted to go to that draft and that depends on the manning state of your own branch, and your demonstrated language competence before you go.
  11. Spry

    If you're interested in becoming a linguist, pm me.
  12. You're problem sounds like Nicks, whose son is taller than him too. Do you hail from Littlehampton or is it the result of a genetic abnormality affecting ex-submariners? o_O

    PS: If you're learning Arabic, DOOOOO please remember to learn Modern Arabic and not Qu'ranic Arabic. :lol:
  13. Is 6' 6 gonna be a problem on ships too? Going in as an AET.
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Since joining up, I've taken 22 years to learn how to speak fluent Drunkenneese... :pottytrain5:
  15. Before considering another language get your basic English correct first. It will really help.

    Re read your post and analyze your errors. Transpose these on a foreign language and I think you may struggle. (I know I did).
  16. I presume you've PM'd Squirrel, and I suspect he may have pointed you in the direction of either CT or the Long Language Courses. If he hasn't mentioned the latter, pop over to ARRSE, look at the Int Forum and read the thread on Language Courses, then similar threads in the Officer's and TA Forum. Any problems in finding these, PM me.
  17. One thing to note that noone else has really expanded upon are your learning credits; every year in the RN you'll get £175 to chuck at pretty much anything you want as long as it's educational. As for learning a language to USE as a WS, I'm afraid you're shit out of luck, unless of course you're looking to learn Mongolese (not to be confused with Mongolian, which is a real language) in which case spending time with other WS recruits should suffice in the correct uses of the terms 'innit' and 'fcuk off you cnut'.
  18. Good point only found out about it and used it the last couple of years in the Andrew

    Used it to get professional quals for going out side, saved me paying for it
  19. Spry's English would be good enough were he learning Danish or Norwegian! :LOL:

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