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War Hero
Probably the highest change over was during the '60's anything up to 10 Southdown coaches meeting up at the Cafe Royal Bridport, loaded with Matelots, half going to Guzz the other half going to Pompey.
Still going in the 70's when the coaches still ran. All Pompey coaches mustered on Collingrad parade gound Friday afternoon. I used to get the London one, you had to buy the ticket Monday first thing before they all sold out. When the IRA put a bomb on a coach it all stopped.

The Cafe had a swap draft board I believe.


War Hero
Who? Me? I wouldn't dream of it ;)
It didn't bother me too much as a VM 'cos I spent most of my weekends in and out of the Mussel Inn :p
I did my best to get as many of my lads as possible away early though if they were travelling. It didn't work out too bad.
VM for 2.5yrs happy days

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