Learning Credits entitlement?

Afternoon all,

A few months back I stumbled upon a section of a website (cannot remember if it was RN or RNcom or a.n.other) that gave information about in-service learning credits towards qualifications (eg management derees/diplomas for NCO's & Hoccifers)

Since then (and yes, I have looked through all the search bars etc with various word combos) i cannot find it again! Quick questions therefore:

1) does anyone know the score with these (Ninja?) - link to info?

2) do RNR personnel qualify to take advantage of them as well as regulars?

Many thanks



Lantern Swinger
You mean this:

Formal Recognition of Training.

The existing training and achievement you make as part of the RNR and RN has for a while been acknowledged in terms of civilian qualification and awards, by City and Guilds and also the Institute of Leadership and Management. This means you are eligible, under the circumstances outlined, to apply for these awards and memberships without any further training. There is a however a cost to the applications and an ongoing cost for ILM membership that is born by the individual not the RN or RNR. These awards and membership can significantly enhance your CV and existing civilian career opportunities and progression as they are widely recognised by civilian employers. For more details of these see the City and Guilds Website and search for Armed Forces.
I believe there is an MoD movement towards having commissioning being recognised as a module of a masters. Did that ever come to fruition?

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