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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dabomble, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. a friend of my fathers told him that i should go for something called linguistics and cons he was in the navy a while ago and i was just wondering if anyone knows if this still exists and exactly what is involved in it
  2. Here we go again. The branch is CT (Communication Technician) and it's Comms not cons (but there again!!!!).

    One of the recruiters will be along later to advise or you could try CT on the Naval website or the search function on here.
  3. Think it's the CT branch mate. I think you still go in direct entry as a PCT. Should be some info in the careers part. Good job with very quick promotion, with what my oppo's who did it told me. All sneaky beaky, hush hush, and all that. Hard course though.
  4. I thought this was gonna be a thread about Jack Speak.

    :( Disappointed.
  5. Threaders shippers.
  6. Lets start by learning English.
  7. Safeguard Harry von threaders shippers.
  8. Can't be that hard, I know two failed AC's who have done it. And they were uber-bone.
  9. Safeguard, 12 clips, ears on the upper deck, life jackets fully inflated, FOST embarked, berets in the OP's room, Harry von threaderoony shippers.
  10. Gen dit no sh1t?

  11. You uber boned-one of them!
  12. C601 SSN19.
  13. well im already 3/4 of my way through warfare specialist application. i thought it was something else as well as the career oh well there we are then thanks for the speedy replies

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